~Spirit Animals~

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Want to try my little quiz and see which of 10 animals you get for a spirit animal based on a couple of questions? I did a bit of research on the information I give along with results, so if your interested, make sure to check that out!

I made up the 10 questions you’ll have to answer myself, so they may or may not be accurate, depending on how you choose to answer the questions. The more honest you are with your answers, the more accurate your results will probably be.

Created by: Hxnni
  1. What is your favorite type of animal?
  2. Which of the below categories do you prefer in an animal?
  3. Which of the following categories best describes you?
  4. Which environment would you prefer to live out your days in?
  5. Do you tend to make/have a lot of friends?
  6. Which of the below words best describes your personality?
  7. Do you prefer going outdoors and taking in the scenery and sunshine, or staying indoors to play video games or snack on food?
  8. How heavy of a sleeper are you?
  9. Do you tend to open up to others quickly? Or do you take time to trust people and open up?
  10. How would you respond to someone being hurt physically or mentally?

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