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do you ever wonder how your personality is and how other people see it? find out in this fun quiz! there are 5 different personalities in this quiz, find out which one you are mostly like : )

the 5 personalities in this quiz are smart, which means you can solve and do cool things, cute and pretty, which means you have good looks and a cute personality, creative, which means you can make amazing things, outgoing and adventurous, which means you have NO limits to life, and funny and fun, meaning you are funny, and just fun to be around with! which one will you get/

Created by: brebre
  1. in school, what did your grades normally look like?
  2. how pretty do you think you are?
  3. have you invented anything. or made super cool ideas?
  4. how many places have you ever been to outside of your state?
  5. how many scary things have you ever done before? or things that most people do.
  6. how often do people laugh with ( not at ) you?
  7. how much do you hang out with friends in your free time?
  8. do you think you are funny?
  9. are you good at creating inside jokes?
  10. which one do you hope you get?
  11. which one do you hope you won't get?

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