7 Dirty Minutes In Heaven

Ok u r about 2 take a Dirty quizzzz well the quiz is not nastyy/Dirty but the results r and plzz donot report cause u clicked it and u deal with the results im just saying soo yea

Anyway like i said befor everyone is making quizzs like this but i just felt like doing/creating a quizz like this and plzz rate and commont so nxt quiz i make it will be fantasic and ENJOY.................

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Ok ur best Frand is Trying 2 make u go 2 this High School party (your in 10 grade) anyway u go just so she will leave u alone What Do u where?
  2. If u could have any guy in the list below what type?
  3. So ur at the party and everyone is drinking do u drink?
  4. Soo ur geting ready 2 start the Game what r u thinking
  5. Pick A Number
  6. Which Name sounds hot
  7. What do u want 2 do in the closet
  8. Ok... here comes the dirty part dont report ok??
  9. No Here
  10. Say your in the closet and u guys start making out but thats all would u be Happy
  11. Say u guys get in2 it and u have 2 stop {u should know what i mean by geting in2 it} would u be mad and get his number??
  12. pick a letter
  13. Which 1 sounds fun 2 do in the closet??
  14. Rate and Comment

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