24 hours with cartoon cat

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i hope you like my quiz i really triedto make it good but this is my first time so i hope you like it and pls don't hate me for this quiz it just something i rushed on.

this is a quiz that i rushed on so i hope you like it and don't hate it but this is 24 hours with cartoon cat can you survive him will he let you live or will he fall in love with you?

Created by: snowfur
  1. warning weird. you were walking home when you were hit in the back of the head and passed out when you wake up you were in a pich black room you were counfused you heard chains move and you jumped you
  2. after a few minutes you said hello? you heard a dark voice say hello human back you jumped a little he asked if you could come and get the chains off of him you
  3. you stayed right were you were you said to him you could not see him in the dark so you could not get him out he said that as ok than you heard chains snap you
  4. after he got out of the chain you asked what those red numbers were he said it is a timer and says 23 hours on it you- oh OK what should we do than he said lets just talk you
  5. you both talked for a long time but he noticed you yawned he said why dont you go to sleep you said ok but whanted to know his name he said he was called cartoon cat he asked you you name you said it was ____ after a few minuses you decided to fall asleep
  6. you go and lay beside him and fall asleep but before you fully fall asleep you hear him humming a song and feel his hand on the top of you head and a few seconds leater you fall asleep
  7. you soon wake up but you see him sleeping on you -you dont really want to wake him up you
  8. you let him sleep on you you look at the timer and it says 16 hours now you sighed and looked at cartoon cat, a few seconded later you remembered you parents and you baby brother you are getting a littler wearied about them and they must be getting wearied about you soon see cartoon cat is waking up you say
  9. you did not say anything but he said i see your wake you smiled he than looked at the timer it said 15 hours now he said well get out of her soon you
  10. the timer reached zero and it was time to go you both said goodbye and left you reached you parents an they greeted you . that is all bye hoped you liked it

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