2016 Presidential Candidates

2016 has the opportunity to be the closest election in a while, will the democrats hold executive power, or will republicans take over? Will a female be a president for the first time.

With this quiz you will be able to find which candidate best represents your beliefs. Don't worry, I did my research ;). Sometimes you will be surprised who you end up with, and sometimes you expect it.

Created by: Young_politician
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  1. Where do you stand on abortion.
  2. Where do you stand on capital punishment (death penalty)?
  3. Should the U.S increase or decrease taxation for corporations.
  4. Should we increase gun control?
  5. Where do you stand on the affordable care act (Obama Care).
  6. Should recreational marijuana be legalized?
  7. Should the government decrease military spending?
  8. Should we support, and increase free trade?
  9. Should the U.S declare war on ISIS/ISIL?
  10. Should the US stay in the UN?
  11. Should Community College be free?
  12. Where do you stand with common core standards?
  13. Should we offer amnesty for illegal immigrants?
  14. Should we increase border security?
  15. Where do you stand on homosexual marriages?
  16. Should we privatize social security?
  17. Should church and state be connected?
  18. Should the U,S increase or decrease taxes on the wealthy?

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