10 Secrets For A Happy Life!

There are many ways to happiness.It is said "Happiness never decreases by being shared" and taking this thought as the goal, I made this wonderful quiz and this is accurate. You are thinking that I am crazy as I am making wonderful quizzes for you. But I want the users and my friends to be happy.I never want them to be sad. Welcome :)

This is a happiness quiz and there are 10 secrets which will make us happy in our life. And this quiz is interesting too. Answer these questions to find out what you are up to. I am waiting for your result. Try to find it our!

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

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  1. Giving:- Sharing and giving others makes you happy. Is It?
  2. Relating- Communicating and making friends makes you happy. Is it?
  3. Exercising-Keeping your body fit and active makes you happy. Is it?
  4. Appreciating-Appreciating at the success of others makes you happy. Is it true?
  5. Trying out- Trying and trying failures brings you success and makes you happy. Is it so?
  6. Direction-Leading others makes you happy. Is it?
  7. Acceptance-Accepting failures and trying to improve makes you happy. Do you think?
  8. Forgiving-Forgiving the mistakes of others brings you happiness.. Is it so?
  9. Emotions-Sharing your feelings with others makes you happy. Is it so?
  10. Helping-Helping others makes you happy. Is it?
  11. Wanna know how much happy are you? I can guess it (accurate).

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