Would you survive in the wild?

Do you have the guts and the knowledge to survive away from home or in true wilderness? This quiz has 13 questions that will help answer the question and let you know how well you would survive in the wilderness!

The questions range from knowing what plants to eat, to telling if a snake is poisonous or stopping infection on a cut. Have fun taking this brilliant survival quiz! Hopefully you will do well and be a successful survivor! Good luck!

Created by: Richard Beale of Emralds Birds
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3. You are thirsty! "Oh, where will I get a drink?" You have access to all of the choices, but don't know which is the safest.
Some guy's backyard pond
Medium-sized stream
Local pool
4. You are refreshed by your drink, but now are hungry. There is no sign of animal prey. You only have plants in front of you. What is the best choice to eat?
Poison ivy
Pokeweed berries
May apple roots
False wild strawberry
Stinging nettle leaves
Wild onion
5. Now you are still hungry, but all the choices from before are not available. What plant can you eat?
Black Mulberry fruits
Daffodil bulbs
Pin oak acorns
Nightshade berries
6. A snake is in front of you. You don't know what kind it is. It is brown with a rounded snout, and horizontal eye pupils. Is it poisonous?
I don't know...RUN!
7. Uh oh! You got bitten by the snake! What on earth do I do?
Scream for help
Eat berries
Run to the nearest town, if possible
Eat herbs
8. What do I do first before going to sleep?
Make sure no dead branches could fall on my head over night
Make sure I'm not visible
Check to see if any dangerous animals live or wander near
All of the above
9. What is best to build a shelter out of?
Freshly cut wood if available
a shelter a large animal used a while ago
Leafy branches
10. Now it's time to eat some meat. What do I use to hunt?
Sharp stones
Sharp sticks
Long branches
Holes and traps
All of the above
11. Yikes! Some one is coming. A mountain is ahead, and it's pretty steep. What do I do?
Run like the wind, up the mountain!
Run around the mountain eventually angling up
Hide in a pile of leaves
Scream for them to "rescue" you.
12. It's winter, and you're sitting by your shelter and fire. You drank melting snow but have no food. What should you eat?
Dead animals
Dried dandelion heads
Cooked or boiled pine needles
Nothing, just wait till spring
Left over berries from the fall
13. You accidentally poked yourself with a sharp stick. It's summer again. What do you do?
Nothing, it's just a small cut. Walk it off.
Put spider web on it.
Place leaves in it to stop infection
Suck the blood away
Wash it in stream

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