How Good a Survivalist are You?

In the wilderness, people seem to think their invincible because they survived in their own home for years. Well, that's WRONG. In the wild it's eat or be eaten, so lets find out the truth about YOU.

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Doing push-ups or bench presses is not the only thing it takes to survive in the wild, it also takes brains...

Created by: Zachary Keane
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1. You are driving on a mountain highway when you get caught in a rockslide. You should:
Keep your foot on the gas and keep moving forward
Stop your vehicle and wait for the rockslide to stop.
Turn back towards the rockslide.
2. You are in the mountains and you guide has passed out from heat stroke. You should:
Immediately radio for emergency medical help
Submerge him in a cold mountain lake.
Don't attempt to move him.
3. Traveling in a country with a malaria outbreak, you should:
Put on lots of cologne to keep the mosquitoes off you.
Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, and use mosquito netting at night.
Eat lots of garlic. Mosquitoes avoid the scent.
4. You try to control your spooked horse, but the horse isn't responding, you should:
Jump off the horse
Take one rein and turn the horse in a circle.
Use a boot with a spike on the end to keep you horse moving forward.
5. You are in bed when an earthquake hits. You should:
Lay down on the floor beside your bed.
Stand in the doorway until it is over.
Immediately run outside.
6. While making a campfire, you burn your hand. You should:
Grab the butter from you provisions and slather it on.
Open your canteen, pour cool water in a bowl, and soak the burn.
7. You are canoeing down a river when an alligator surfaces in your path: you should:
Paddle for shore or around the alligator, even if you lose time.
Jab the gator in between the eyes and paddle away.
Ignore it, just move along.
8. You are feeling seasick in a boat in rough seas, You should:
Go to the aft of the boat for fresh air. Until you feel better.
Do nothing. Seasickness goes away over time.
Stay close to the center of the boat and go lower down in the hull.
9. While riding horseback across the plains, a snake scares you horse. You should:
Calm down the horse by stroking its neck.
Pull the reins on the horse to keep control of it.
10. You see a panther while you are hiking in the forest. You should:
Act wild and swing your arms uncontrollably in the air and yell random, deep noises.
Curl up in a ball and wait for it to pass.
Hide behind a tree.

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