Survive the amazon rainforest

This is a test to test how well you can survive in the wild it has snakes, vicious wild dogs and much much more. If you and your friends are reading this right now take this test and you will live longer, have superpowers and ave the world.

This quiz is for surviving in the wild think you can? Take this quiz and find out it has breathtaking moments and will let you have a little fun when your bored in class.

Created by: Cameron of electro peanut
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1. A thick brush covers the ground, your next step lands in quick sand. Choose an item to escape
Beach Ball
2. In the struggle to escape you lose your bearings. You must find your way north Choose a strategy to survive
Sun rises on the east and sets on the west
Wait for night and look for the north star
Surely knowing the time and sun position will get you oriented
3. Out of nowhere a python coils around you. Choose an item to survive
Insect repellent
4. You break through the brush and see a rushing river choose an item to get across
5. You see movement in the brush and a wild dog pounces, quick what do you do now
Charge you'll scare it
Display submissive behaivor
6. Just as you push a branch out of the way you see that a bright colored spider bit your ankle What item can help you survive
7. Oh no you fall down and suddenly break your leg How should you treat this wound
Leave it alone
tie sticks to use as a splint
Climb a tree and call for help
8. Boy, are you hungry and you didn't bring any food from home what do you do.
Stay hungry and don't do anything
Eat a dead monkey on the forest floor
Eat some ants
9. You just ate, and now your thirsty. What should you drink.
A nearby stream with a dead turtle in it
Go to the raging river catch a fish and suck the liquid from its eyes
Don't drink at all
10. You finally spot a rescue chopper. How do you signal it?
Yell and wave your arms all around
Make a fire
Splash in the water
A and B
All of the above

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