Would you survive in the wild?

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lightninggirl said:
May 28 '16, 10:57AM

I agree Bat girl

Mistytail said:
Mar 17 '16, 1:36AM

Your Result: YEP

Congratulati ons! You can survive in the wild! (however, I wouldn't try it because this quiz DID NOT include EVERYTHING you need to know to survive in the wild.)

jacbow2 said:
Apr 4 '15, 4:01PM

I got NOPE but I don't think this quiz is very accurate.

batman12506 said:
Mar 17 '15, 12:20PM

I got YEP. Well it might help since I've been going hunting, and camping. Also my big brother when we go camping he purposely leaves all the supplies at home. So....yep.

TheMangle said:
Feb 28 '15, 2:40PM

I'm dead i got NOPE

AmityDemigod said:
Jul 30 '14, 12:14AM

The snake one got me I don't see many snakes where I live but I know quite a bit about plants and such but honestly I don't think I would make it too long even though the quiz said YEP

Fandominity said:
Apr 21 '14, 12:17PM

91%, now who wants to be in my apocalypse team?

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