Would you survive as a warrior?

In the wild, far from the twolegplace, four clans of wildcats rule the wild. Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, and Windclan, the cats fight the harsh willderness to survive.

If you were a cat, would you be a tortoishell, tom, tabby? Would you belong to Riverclan, or Thunderclan? What would be your name? Swiftpaw? Fernleaf? And, would you survive? Take this quiz to see if your tough enough for the wild!

Created by: Taylor
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3. You are on a very important mission,and haven't eaten for a while, and you see a mouse. What do you do?
Eat it and continue on.
This mission's to important to stop and hunt!
4. You are fighting another cat, but it's midnight and you are exhausted. What do you do?
Give the othert warrior a good claw and go to the warrior's den.
5. You are patroling near the shadowclan border, and smell a thick shadowclan scent very close by.
Check it out!
We're near shadowclan border! It's probably just a patrol.
6. Youy have a dream, and think you smelt a tiny drip of riverclan scent. When you wake up, what do you do?
Was that a message from starclan? I should go tell the leader or check it out.
It was just a dream, or was my scent playing up?
7. You wake up, an a rogue cat is in the den, but sais he means no harm. What do you do?
Take the rogue to the leader.
Ask the rogue what's troubeling him.
8. Do you like this quiz?
Nah.. I have better things to do...
9. You hurt your shoulder, but the medicine cat's den is full of cats. What do you do?
Go anyway...
Wait 'till it's not busy...
10. You are a kit, homeless and lost when a cat comes along. What do you do?
Try to make the cat bring you back to the clan.
11. Wich warrior name do you like best?
12. "All cats gather below the highrock!" Firestar yowles, as the cats gather below. Suddenly, a gang of Shadowclan cats burst through the gorse tunnel.
What? Does this have to do withj the quiz...

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