What will your future kids look like?

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BlazeX said:
Jul 19 '15, 12:15AM

4 kids!!ok I'm twelve saying this but 4 four kids niggas want none!(or 1,or 2)

sophieisaunicorn said:
May 19 '15, 5:07PM

I WILL GET 7 KIDS TOTAL?!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Remember Joy said:
Apr 21 '15, 5:50PM

Your Result: Blondies Snacks 79%
Your kids will look like Blondie Cakes. They will have almond shaped blue, green, hazel, or brown eyes. Tan or brownish skin, and wooly blonde hair. They will excel at tennis, and all physical sports. And will talk non stop. You will have 12 kids in total.

Sounds fun! I would like if it was true, but I do think it might be fun to have a brown-eyed child because everyone in my family has green or blue. Maybe my husband will have brown eyes, and then some of my children will also. Whatever, it sounds exciting! I'm 11 now, so I probably will have a while to wait, though.

To 'Jenny101':
4 kids is NOT a lot and it may make me faint to think that you would faint if you ONLY had 4 kids. Maybe you shouldn't have any, then. I am the oldest of 6 kids! And I know a family with 13 kids and a LOT of other families with 4 or more!

beccab24 said:
Apr 19 '15, 1:04AM

UHHHH 12 kids? HaHa what else an acting career??

HeyitsJess123 said:
Apr 17 '15, 12:10PM

Just wondering, did anyone else 3 kids that look like pecan sandies???

norealy said:
Mar 20 '15, 9:38AM

4 kid that look like chocolate chip cookies

tanythebest88 said:
Mar 1 '15, 3:52PM

4 kids that help me do the laundry yes but no 4 kids with dark red hair

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