What will your future kids look like?

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loz42 said:
Dec 8 '13, 1:12PM

I will have 12 kids in total OMG

the perfect girl said:
Jul 13 '13, 2:40PM

oh snap i wanted 6 but 4 isnt enough but ill luv to have choclate cookie kids hey search my quiz and comment pls

united states said:
Jun 15 '13, 11:59AM


Theywant_Mayaa said:
Apr 10 '13, 4:17AM

Your kids will look like Chocolate chip cookies. They will have large brown eyes, olive skin, and light brown/red/auburn hair. They will love watching you cook, will help with the laundry, and will have a great sense of humor. You will have 4 kids in total

My dream kids..

HeartBreakz said:
Mar 6 '13, 10:18PM

Powdered Donuts ?
7 !?

millse17 said:
Jan 22 '13, 3:09PM

12 children!!! oh heck no

Jessicah_Davis said:
Dec 21 '12, 9:08AM

Chocolate chip cookies???
I am eating chocolate chip cookies CURRENTLY!!! ~Xd~

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