What will your future kids look like?

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Kalari Lina Mary Lopez said:
Feb 12 '09, 11:04PM

i got 4 chocolate chip cookie kids O.O

TheBeatlesRock said:
Feb 12 '09, 9:56PM

I dont want 4 kids.... i dont even think i want one.... xD

mcalover said:
Feb 12 '09, 8:42PM

ummmmm no i dont want 12 little blond kids that excel at tennis and be the perfect american family yea no not 4 me and i dont belive this one star

appayipyip said:
Feb 12 '09, 5:10PM

I definitely do NOT want 12 kids. I want... say, ZERO?!

Maybe later I will. I doubt it.

I really hope that's not what was meant for me...

Rockstar5 said:
Feb 12 '09, 11:49AM

Your Result: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your kids will look like Chocolate chip cookies. They will have large brown eyes, olive skin, and light brown/red/auburn hair. They will love watching you cook, will help with the laundry, and will have a great sense of humor. You will have 4 kids in total!


MackiKaulitz said:
Feb 12 '09, 9:54AM

I just want twins. Two little emo boys!!!!!
So cute!!!!

Kuki said:
Feb 11 '09, 8:47PM

lol. i want either girl twins or just a little girl =)

Too me said:
Feb 11 '09, 6:27PM

Your Result: Gingerbread cookies

Your kids will look like gingerbread cookies, as in they will have smooth-brown Ethiopian skin, large black eyes, and straight or wavy dark hair. They will be excellent at reading, running track, and will dislike Rap music. But they will love the Beatles, Whitney Houston, and Lady Ga Ga. You will have 1 child, total!

-- LOL but i want like 5 kidss!!!

alicecullen said:
Feb 11 '09, 5:25PM

cool quiz but i DO NOT WANT 12 KIDS!!!!!!

xXxXxemo_kittyxXxXx said:
Feb 11 '09, 5:14PM

i got blondies snacks! =p
i loved the description... but...

misskiss said:
Feb 11 '09, 11:32AM

Lol xD

girlschick91 said:
Feb 11 '09, 11:31AM

LMFAO!! i absolutely loved this quiz....(still laughing)...my kids are gonna look like chocolate chip cookies....(gasping for air)...that is adorable, but i dont really want 4 kids, that would drive me insane, seeing as i have 4 younger siblings to watch over.

Xy624 said:
Feb 10 '09, 11:45PM

This is a cool quiz !!! I got blondies kids !! I think they'll look cute !! But i don't want 12 kids I want 4

Lolitasweda said:
Feb 10 '09, 11:29PM

LOL!!!! That quiz was so funny. All of my friends are going to take it to! I love cookies by the way, now I'm hungry! More quizzes please!

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