What will your future kids look like?

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annafrozen12 said:
Sep 13 '16, 5:15PM

I think it was a creative idea for a quiz, nice job! I don't know about 12 kids tho. :p

DancingMilk said:
Aug 3 '16, 2:19PM

Why are all the answers related to food? XD

pricetravian said:
Jan 1 '16, 9:31PM

Your kids will look like chocolate chip cookies. Your kids will have dark brown eyes, red/auburn hair. They will love to watch you cook. And help you with the laundry. You will have 4 kids in total!

Emmagoodfellow said:
Dec 11 '15, 9:12PM

This is the most unusuefull thing ever it said that my kids will have woolly blond hair and I have extremely straight, thin, brown hair!! Not only that but in addition it said that I will have 12 kids!!!!

tdads said:
Nov 17 '15, 6:11PM

12 kids. what.the.frick.

maria 15 said:
Sep 1 '15, 3:24PM

nice but i don t want an italian man

Ayerene said:
Aug 13 '15, 7:51AM

Your kids will look like Chocolate chip cookies. They will have large brown eyes, olive skin, and light brown/red/auburn hair. They will love watching you cook, will help with the laundry, and will have a great sense of humor. You will have 4 kids in total!

Lol it reminds me of a dream I had before wherein I was in love with an Italian man with olive skin, green eyes and long wavy dark brown hair.

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