what color is your inner spirit?

Are you sensitive? Are you Bold? Are you empathetic? Do you even care? Well, take this inner self quiz to find out what inner personality resides within yourself!

Sometimes it just takes good validation to see what kind of person we are and take comfort in that. Accused of being something you are not? If you are honest, then take this quiz to prove people exactly how you are.

Created by: Cherie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You are hanging out at a family reunion. You are usually found with...
My fun aunt who likes to travel!
UGH! Family gatherings make me sick! NOBODY!
My crazy uncle who likes to tell stories that never make sense.
I like to sit and watch. I am more of a loner.
My mom and dad. Nobody's cooler than that.
4. If you could pick your career, what would it be??
Something in the fashion industry, or art.
Something agricultural, or helping the planet
Something to help out with people...
To do something that involves travel or partying.
Something where I am in charge.
5. What animal appeals to you the most?
Horses! I love free spirits! Plus they are helpful.
Dogs. I like something loyal and someone who won't betray me.
White tigers are simply just gorgeous, arn't they?
AW! Kitties! If you spin them fast they go crazy, it's soooooo cute!
Shoot, I don't know. I kind of like them all, really.
Anything reptialian or wierd! they are always so awesome!
6. Your hidden fantasy/dream is...
Some gorgeous man/woman who has the same likes and dislikes marries me and we're both rich.
I wouldn't mind having power over something, like, say, the planet.
I am a superhero! Fear not, good citezens! (or president will do.)
Own the biggest farm with tons of help so i can just go whenever!
Meeting aliens would be so freakin' awesome....
7. You are a knight of the round table. Which one are you?
Forget being a knight! I am King Arthur!
Mordred. Sexy beast. Plus he has power.
Lancelot. He always does the right thing. (well, except once, but everyone slips!)
Percival. He is so kind, but at the same time, he is diffrent.
The old dude cakling in the corner laughing at the dorky-ass knights.
I can't remember who is who, so let's just go on to the next question.
8. You get anything to wear that you desire, curtosey of an unknown rich person. What do you pick?
Something fancy! By the way, are they single?
I could never accept such a thing.
Okay, get me some boots, good jeans and a t-shirt.
Vintage all the way, baby!
No way! I have to find out who this person is first.
The latest thing, so i look awesome!
9. Your favorite movie when you were a kid was....
The old black and White movies
Davey Crockett or Old Yeller
The Little Mermaid or Lion King
Mulan or Angels in the Outfield
The little disney princess movies or transformers
The Incredible Journey or Robin Hood
10. Okay, and of course this question....favorite color???
Earth tones attract me a lot.
Flashy colors! Like purple or gold.
I kind of like red, or strong colors, like Navy Blue, White...
Wierd colors, or you know? the 80's funky color combos?
I like colors on the darker side. Grrr.....(red black, etc.)
I don't really care.
11. Favorite food?
Only the best, darling.
Meat and potatoes.
I dunno, somthing diffrent.
Junk food
12. One more....how do you feel about the rich/poor situation???
Do i even fit into that?
it's everyone for themselves.
someone should help the poor.
What are you talking about, poor???
I can't stand those rich snobby bastards!
I am neutral.

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