What color are you?

Colors are vibrant and sometimes have a life of their own. In fact, sometimes they seem to have a life of MY own! Most of my friends I can see resonating with a certain color vibration (almost like an aura).

What is your color? Check the selection for each question that most appeals to you -- not necessarily because it makes SENSE always, but because it feels right or makes you happy.

Created by: testmaker!
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your favorite color?
4. Wordpair to describe yourself:
5. Animal/setting which appeals to you most:
Lion king/Sahara, prowling on a hot day
Eagle/Soaring over desert
Giraffe/Sunny day, lots of trees, baby giraffes nearby
Caribou/Great forest of the north, cool and moist
Dolphin/Shallow ocean, leaping and gliding
Sea dragon/Great reef, in and out of purple coral
6. You are with a group of friends and there is an emergency. What scenario sounds most like you?
You become more introspective, maybe praying or offering a spiritual solution.
You see no one else steps into the lead, so you do--without appearing bossy.
You do not seem to be as bothered by the situation as everyone else, and people gravitate to you for your calm.
You offer jokes to cheer everyone up and remain positive.
You stay calm and choose to stay in the background, hugging friends or speaking to calm them too.
You see a plan, organize everyone, and they draw comfort from your assurance.
7. The weekend has arrived! You...
Put on a hot tshirt or red lipstick, drive the hot car, pick up the friends, choose the hot spot
Choose subtler ways to look hotter than usual and bring the life to the party with your laughter and--lets be honest--hot dancing in a club or friend's living room
Look great and tell hilarious jokes, probably hang out in a quieter hub so your friends can hear you, and rock the pitchers
Worry about what to wear, willing to break away from your usual simple style but not wanting to be too loud, and enjoy the pre-party best, when a small group of good friends gathers
Definitely prefer smaller gatherings where inside jokes and affection flow freely, and where the drinking is incidental and sweet (Baileys?)
Look amazing whether you dress up or not, and would be just as content with one good friend and hot chocolate as with a bar full of friends
8. When it comes to romance...
Passion. Even if it comes with some arguments, you want it real, loud, down, dirty... The real thing.
You want to feel completely comfortable being yourself with your partner. They should accept all of who you are, and realize you aren't going to change. They should see the deep creativity of your soul, but it's ok if they don't meet you on every level, as long as they love.
Honest, amazing, incredible connection. Even if they're not perfect, you wouldn't change them. You want to bring all you have to them and find acceptance and good times.
You bring so much love, so much affection, so much care. In your partner, you expect to find stability, even if they don't understand everything about you. They're always there. That's what matters.
I just want to have fun! Your partner should like doing the same things as you, should have a great sense of humor, shouldn't be too dramatic, should like to go out and do stuff and not be lame and not have too many paranoid heart-to-hearts.
The most important connection is the emotional/spiritual. Does that person really see you? Do they really know you? You crave being known, and still loved.
9. Where do you want to go most?
Someplace where nobody else has ever been; Or someplace with lots of cool people
Sun-soaked lands, faraway places, people so different than me, rugged coasts with rugged people who call it home
Hawaii, Australia, Madagascar
Somewhere soulful and beautiful, with someone soulful and brave to keep me company
Tibet, India, My bedroom, Nowhere at all and everywhere at once
10. Describe the color scheme/decoration style of your home or bedroom:
Violet, purple, soft, textured
Pictures of friends, celestial signs, velvet
Decoration style? There's a bean bag!
Earth tones
Bright hippy, simple, political/inspiring messages
Well-coordinated, trendy, bold colors
11. Choose:
Ice cream
12. Thursday night, you suggest some movies to a friend:
Hero or Ocean's Eleven
Wet Hot American Summer or Wedding Crashers
Hottest new release
Before Sunset... or maybe just out for coffee?
Baraka or Motorcycle Diaries
Disney or whatever you want...
13. Your friends:
Generally do not have personalities quite as strong as you; you stand out as the leader, but they're all pretty loud and lots of fun
Are incredibly important to you, and though you're often the leader, you know they are where you get your strength
Are where you play! They come in all shapes and sizes, but all count on you to make them laugh so hard they cry. You can hang out with anyone, really.
Are thinkers, are beautiful, are diverse -- but there aren't that many of them. You don't need a big crowd, just your closest friends, your sisters, your brothers.
Know that you're a little quiet, but wouldn't go to anyone else for really awesome hugs. Many of your friends are louder than you, so you serve as a complement.
Come in all shapes and sizes, the constant is you. In any social circumstance, you are just the same. You love the diversity of people coming in and out of your life.
14. If you had only one adjective to describe your dream solo excursion, it would be something like:
15. When you sleep:
Once the plans running through your head stop, you sleep damn well.
You imagine, and plan, and think, and feel, and then dream damn hot dreams.
You dreamt about fish last night. Or was that two nights ago?
You puzzle about life first, are grateful for sleep when it comes, and often remember your dreams.
You secretly love bedtime. You love the dark, you love the time to be alone in your thoughts. Your dreams are vivid and often fantastical or about close friends.
You continue your dreamlife, which you record more carefully than your daytime events.
16. Do you know what your color is?
No, I'm interested to see what this says, but I won't take it too seriously.
No, but these questions resonate with me, so I think it may be right-on.
Yes, I'm confident I know on the rainbow spectrum where I fall.
I think so.
It's purple.

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