What color are you?

We define ourselves by how we react to situations in our everyday lives. Though wouldn't it be cool if each attitude had a color set toward it... thats why taking this quiz will tell you exactly what color you are!

This quiz is fun and exciting! I promise, its not a dumb wasting your time kinda quiz, but an interesting getting to know yourself kind of quiz... you will have fun and in the end see what kind of color you really are.

Created by: Justin of My myspace
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you lose your wallet, what is your reaction?
I stay calm and try to find it.
I get all mopy and hide from the world.
I go out and buy a better wallet.
I get really angry and lash out on everyone around me.
It doesn't bother me, as long as i show people i'm happy.
I have mixed feelings.
4. Your best friend just lied to you, what do you do?
I ask them calmy why they lied.
I stop talking to them and ignore them.
I tell them to buy me something nice.
I get angry, and beat the crap outa them.
We go to the movies, and they apologize, then i drop it.
I don't know what my reaction would be.
5. Somebody tripped you while you were walking down the street, how do you react?
Stand up and calmy say "please apologize".
Get up and run away crying.
Sew them for a lot of money.
Smash their head in the cement.
Smile and walk away.
Not a clue of what you would do.
6. Your roomate doesn't pay this months rent, what will you do?
Calmy tell them its not acceptible and they should get the rent in ASAP.
Tell them to move out.
Tell them to pay double.
Push them off the balcony.
You don't care, afterall its just 1 month of rent.
Don't have an idea.
7. What is your reaction if your boy/girl friend steels your money out of your wallet?
You ask them to hand back your money, but you wanna be calm about it so as your boy/girl friend doesn't wanna leave you.
Break up with them.
Steel more of their money.
Break their nose.
Take em out to dinner, it doesn't bother you.
You have no clue what you would do.
8. Your computer is really slow or not working, what do you do?
Calmy try to come up with a solution.
Get all depressed and cry.
Send it in to get fixed.
Kick it and smash it.
Happily say "its just a computer".
Have no clue, or mixed reactions.
9. You were looking forward to a fun day or a nice vacation, but it doesn't work out, how do you react?
Rent movies and watch them without caring to much, it can always be planned for another day.
Stay home all day crying.
Go shopping all day.
You go around punching in the walls.
You are happy because you get to do something else.
Mixed reactions.
10. You don't get a job or even a job interview after sending in 20 applications...
Calmy send out more resumes.
Cry and stop trying.
Ask your friends or parents for money.
Call the jobs you applied for and tell the manager to f*** off.
Your still happy you have your health.
You don't really care anyhow.
11. Your tired of how your teacher is treating another student for being different (such as gay or expressing themselves), what would you do?
Talk with the teacher calmy after class saying its not right to treat others badly.
You would get depressed cuz its just not fair.
You would buy the kid something nice.
You would go to the teacher after school and push em down the stairs.
You would do everything in your power to make the kid happy.
Meh, its not my problem.
12. A group of religious freaks is outside your work (an abortion clinic) protesting abortiong, what do you do?
Calmy tell them to leave and that they have no place there.
Stop going to work for a while because of calling in sick.
Bribe the people to leave the area.
Throw flaming paper at them.
Happily explain that they have no place there.
You hardly care.
13. This is the last question, how do you feel?
Time to spend money.
Don't care.

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