Who is your Tiki Spirit?

In Hawaii they are known as Ki'i's, and in Polonysia, they are regarded by their more popular name, Tikis. Tiki statues are used for many purposes both spiritual and ritualistic and are believed to have special properties or spirits.

My question is, which one most resembles your spirit? Are you calm and collected, or more of the undecisive type. Well, why don't you answer the following questions and find out! Remember, please answer truthfully to get a more reflective score.

Created by: Arxryl
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You look in the mirror, and you see...
some really ticked off Kahuna!
a love sick puppy-dog!
some good looking dude/dude-ett wearing your favorite set of clothes!
What you saw the last time you looked.
the bad A-- you know yourself as.
a person still deciding what to wear...
4. You are walking out the door, and you realize you've forgotten something. you...
back up, grab it and continue out the door.
Rush in, hastily grab it and rush right back out.
Keep walking...
"Oh crud! I forgot the....ah I'll just take someone elses.
Grab it, and try to see if you forgot anything else.
Me? I never forget.
5. You're in your garage. what vehicle is yours?
smooth blue convertible
one super fast car.
A yellow Volkswagon beetle.
the mini van.
A black hot rod with flames down the side.
The dark red motorcycle.
6. On your way to wherever, you see a man mugging someone. What do you do?
run to the person in need and protect them from any further harm.
Beat the CRAP out of the mugger!
run in, get the mugger in a position where they cannot do any more harm, and call the police.
Beat the mugger and then make the mugee pay you a reward.
Well, I'm not sure.... I'd probably call 911.
Bribe the mugger to leave.
7. You have to do something on your way to wherever you are going. what is it?
Pick up my date.
pull up to some people just to laugh at them.
Grab my favorite candy bar. and maybe a soda...
Refill my gas/pump up my tires. I'm almost empty.
Rev my engine and race a couple of punks.
Take the scenic route.
8. You finally reach your desination. What is it?
AMC 31. My friends and I are going to go and see a movie.
A fancy restaraunt.
Some guys picked a fight with me and I'm here to settle it.
The store. I need groceries... I might pick up that album I want though...
Well, I haven't exactly arrived there... I think I'm lost...
A concert. The band here is plays a lot of stuff that I agree with.
9. After everything is done, what do you feel?
I feel pretty dang good. everything was awesome.
Well, I enjoyed myself... it was nice.
I'm okay. I just hope everyone else had a good time.
well, there was this one guy who made an idiot of himself. It made me feel pretty good.
I got what I needed out of it.
Man I let out a lot of anger. I'm doing great.
10. On your way home you want to grab a snack. the snack you want to buy comes in three flavors. Sweet, sour, and spicy.which do you buy?
I don't know/ Doesn't matter
11. You get home and the front door is locked. What do you do?
Kick the door down.
Climb through the window.
walk around the back.
walk around the back and unlock the front door. I've got company and don't want them to be stuck outside.
sit outside and look at the stars for a while before going around.
unlock the door...
12. While you are sleeping you dream of...
punching someone's face in!
A nice day on the beach.
I have so many dreams...its hard to remember them...
Well there's this huge maze I am walking through...
I'm a police officer in L.A....Kicking A and taking names.
Swimming down a nice calm river.
13. How are you feeling right now?
Would you hurry up already?
I hope my result is something that matches what I thought I'd get.
Well, after calculating my answers...I think I know what I'm going to get.
Man...now I'm getting curious....
After I see what I get I'm going to compare answers with some of my friends
14. Final question: What do you feel about relationships?
I would like one...
Relationships are useless.
All my relationships have sucked!
I have one and it is working really well.
I used to be in one but...it didn't work out.

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