A New Spirit of Change Chapter 14 Quiz

A New Spirit of Change Quiz Chapter Fourteen 1820-1860 By Madison Wolfe Mrs. Fergoso's Class Period Four DO YOU KNOW YOUR SOCIAL STUDIES?? FIND OUT NOW BY TAKING THIS QUIZ

Section 1-The Hopes of Immigrants Section 2-American Literature and Art Section 3-Reforming American Society Section 4-Abolition and Women's Rights

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1. The following people immigrated to the United States for these reasons EXCEPT
Scandinavians wanted land
Germans needed economic opportunity
the Irish fled famine
the British wanted equal rights
2. A person who settles in a new country is called
an immigrant
a nativist
an emmigrant
A Scandinavian
3. Transcendentalism focused on the importance of
science and the physical world
nature and the romantic world
truth and the spiritual world
poverty and sacrifice
4. people migrated because of
Push-pull factor
5. One result of the Second Great Awakening was
religious persecution
a new spirit of reform
the Panic of 1835
an end to Protestant divisions
6. Factory work is NOT
7. The Underground Railroad was
an above-ground escape route
a slave-run railroad
Harriet Tubman's first job
Frederick Douglass's Anti-Slavery Society
8. People who led runaway slaves are called
9. At the Seneca Falls Convention, the cause of women's rights was advanced by
achieving suffrage
amending the Declaration of Independence
organizing women's demands
ending unfair wage and property laws
10. Which is NOT a teaching of Ann Lee
Lead Holy lives in communities
respect nature
communities show God;s love
share, not fight

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