what color is your inner spirit?

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Emberwolfe17 said:
Nov 30 '14, 10:46PM

Holy shiz! Ok one I meditate a lot and I looked up stuff about seeing your inner soul color and I saw green. Well I then found this test bc I was wondering what the green stood for. Not only did it give me the color green, it's explanation was dead on... Amazing quiz!

EscapedLion said:
Aug 11 '14, 5:30PM

Yellow, second was orange.. And my favorite color is the mix of the two :)

Stephanie13 said:
Sep 10 '13, 4:45PM

I got green and everything was true about me!Every single detail!Wow!Amazing quiz!

Shard said:
Sep 2 '13, 5:22AM

I got blue. All of this is true about me except one thing, I do the opesite of opening myself to other people. I got red second lol. Blue and red are my fav colors. Nice quiz.

BurningEarth620 said:
Jul 18 '12, 11:09PM

I got red!!! So true wether I wanna except or not..... 2 nd place was green, also me!

secret8 said:
Jun 12 '12, 3:42PM

I got my favourite colour, green. It fits my well actually. I do keep myself to myself and I would make a good actress because I find it easier to pretend to be someone else. I also am good at strategy and all that stuff.

frostwhiteblue said:
Dec 30 '10, 9:41PM

BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! SO true! but white is my 1st favorite
:( but its ok cuz i like blue 2nd

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