what color is your inner spirit?

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Emberwolfe17 said:
Nov 30 '14, 10:46PM

Holy shiz! Ok one I meditate a lot and I looked up stuff about seeing your inner soul color and I saw green. Well I then found this test bc I was wondering what the green stood for. Not only did it give me the color green, it's explanation was dead on... Amazing quiz!

EscapedLion said:
Aug 11 '14, 5:30PM

Yellow, second was orange.. And my favorite color is the mix of the two :)

Stephanie13 said:
Sep 10 '13, 4:45PM

I got green and everything was true about me!Every single detail!Wow!Amazing quiz!

Shard said:
Sep 2 '13, 5:22AM

I got blue. All of this is true about me except one thing, I do the opesite of opening myself to other people. I got red second lol. Blue and red are my fav colors. Nice quiz.

BurningEarth620 said:
Jul 18 '12, 11:09PM

I got red!!! So true wether I wanna except or not..... 2 nd place was green, also me!

secret8 said:
Jun 12 '12, 3:42PM

I got my favourite colour, green. It fits my well actually. I do keep myself to myself and I would make a good actress because I find it easier to pretend to be someone else. I also am good at strategy and all that stuff.

frostwhiteblue said:
Dec 30 '10, 9:41PM

BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! SO true! but white is my 1st favorite
:( but its ok cuz i like blue 2nd

frostwhiteblue said:
Dec 30 '10, 9:40PM

what color is your inner spirit?
Your Result: Your inner self is Blue
Your rightous prat! (just kidding) You are true to your word and you are all about doing what is right. You try to keep the peace and you would rather talk things out than fight. You also however tend to open yourself up to everyone and a lot of the time get hurt in the process. Blues in relationships are very devoted and sometimes are blind to things, like cheating or other sorts.

Your inner self is Orange!
Your inner self is yellow
Your inner self is Red!
Your inner self is green
Your inner self is brown
Your inner self is Purple!

vampyre666 said:
Nov 15 '10, 8:24PM

Greeeeeen :)

haltdenmund said:
Nov 12 '10, 5:43PM

Your Result: Your inner self is green

You tend to hide---a lot. You are not exactly very open to many about your feelings, and not nessicarily out of shyness. You tend to be longful and envious of other people's abilities and lives, or you are just very observant and would rather watch than dance to life. The cool thing about you is that when it comes to strategy you are a king, and many times if you open up would probably make a great actor/actress.

t rue...

Actress97 said:
May 21 '10, 11:02AM

WOW! I'm yellow! I'm fun, happy etc. That's so true!

Severin_Rao said:
Dec 12 '09, 12:52AM

I got green..... Totally expresses me. ^^

Mega_crazy said:
Feb 20 '09, 10:30PM

I got purple *scowls* it may be my fav color but im not vain at all. In fact im a rly good person. Im always helping out *scowls more*

Too me said:
Feb 14 '09, 6:39PM

orange -- so accurate its not even funnyy!! xD

RockerLover said:
Feb 3 '09, 1:56PM

what color is your inner spirit?
Your Result: Your inner self is Orange!

You are different and proud of it. Your interests are so broad and different that you are never bored, and you don't concern yourself with fussy or social anxieties. You live your life to the fullest and any way you please(Hey, it's my life, isn't it?!). However, you also have the pressure of many diffrent kinds of people attracted to you and so sometimes it is hard to know and pick out who is really there for you or just for your popularity. Plus some of your trends tend to be a bit dangerous, so be careful!!!

Your inner self is yellow
Your inner self is Purple!
Your inner self is Red!
Your inner self is green
Your inner self is Blue
Your inner self is brown


Was that random?

misskiss said:
Jan 29 '09, 6:52PM


caketoys said:
Jan 29 '09, 3:02PM


pysco_bbydoll said:
Jan 27 '09, 8:20PM

wow green.............. ..........that kinda fits me actually XD

Nallie said:
Jan 27 '09, 7:28PM

green...that's encouraging. Really!

maoh6 said:
Jan 27 '09, 6:36PM

orange!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! XD

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