The Political Preference Quiz

Take this very accurate political quiz and find out where you are on the political spectrum. Are you a Conservative? Are you a Liberal? Are you a Constitutionalist? Are you a Moderate? Find out here!

You may be surprised! This quiz will rank you among many famous leaders and compare you to where they stand. This includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, among others.

Created by: Jason Dodson of The Parable Institute
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1. What is your age?
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3. Abortion is....
Morally wrong and should be illegal.
A woman's right to have.
Something that should be settled at the state level per Amendment 10.
4. The War on Terrorism is....
Necessary. We must fight them there so they do not fight us here.
Useless. Terrorism is a police issue.
Legal only if the President obtains Congressional authority first.
5. Hate Crimes are....
Justified at times depending on moral beliefs.
Wrong and must be punished in a different manner.
Not an issue, crime is crime regardless of the circumstances.
6. George W. Bush is....
The best President since Reagan.
One of the worst Presidents in American History.
A man who has not fully understood Constitutional law.
7. The Judeo-Christian Bible is....
The error-free Word of the Almighty God.
Another book written by humans with a message to tell.
Not applicable to matters of the US Constitution.
8. Poverty is....
A direct result of poor personal choices.
A direct effect of many different negative causes.
A direct result of greed and a controlled, unfree market.
9. War is....
Necessary to defend ourselves, whether on offense or defense.
Unnecessary and immoral.
Allowed with proper authorization by the Congress.
10. Taxes are....
Necessary, but only to fund goods production, defense, and technology.
Very necessary to help less fortunate citizens and maintain our infrastructure.
Not necessary at all if a totally free market system was in place.
11. Islam is....
A religion filled with a violent majority of adherents and extremist teachings.
Another testament of God to a different part of the world.
A religion that deserves the same Constitutional right to exist as any other religion does.
12. Bill Clinton....
Was a habitual liar and one of the worst Presidents ever.
Was a great President who did much for poor people in our nation.
Was also a man who didn't have a full understanding of Constitutional law.
13. Limited federal government is....
Somewhat good, but we still need things like the Patriot Act to protect our freedom.
Bad for America. We need taxes and social federal ordinances so that all people get a fair chance.
Always a good thing.
14. Marriage is....
Between a man and a woman only.
Between anyone who consents.
Something that should not be recognized by any government authority because marriage is a personal issue.
15. "As long as it does not harm anyone, do what you want" is....
A very immoral way to live life.
A theory that can be abused by some.
The whole of the law wrapped up in that statement.
16. Many "illegal" drugs should....
Remain illegal. Drugs are immoral and cause the decay of society.
Carry light sentencing if caught using or selling them.
Be legal and sold at state regulated stores like alcohol and tobacco.

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