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There are many political ideologies prevalent in the modern Western World. This quiz was designed in order to classify people into common political classifications. It is a short, but interesting quiz that may provide some insight.

This quiz is not exhaustive, but rather an example of five common political stereotypes prevelant in the modern world. Whatever your result turns out to be, it is no indication of anything expect what classification you fit into the most.

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3. What role should civil government play?
It is an absolute to which its citizens are relative to. It is the manifestation of a people's national identity. It's job is to protect the civilization and increase prosperity for its citizens while preserving the better aspects of their way of life.
The government should be a temporary revolutionary mechanism that enables the creation of a utopian society in which government is no longer needed because there will be a collective consciousness that insures the perfection of society. For this revolutio
The government should provide for the needs of its people, and the government should be run by those people.
The government's job is to protect the liberties of its people.
There should be no government. Government, by its very nature, is in direct opposition to freedom. The more government there is, the less freedom there is.
4. How should the economy be run?
Important industries should be guided by councils made up of representatives from every facet of that particular industry. That way everyone will be represented and the councils can direct the industry to serve the best interests of the nation. The nation
The economy should be run by the state. Private capital should be nationalized. There should be a worker-based economy in which everyone is reimbursed equally for their service to the people's economy.
Private enterprise should be the basis of the economy, but the government should artificially redistribute money in order to be more fair. Utilities and transportation should be nationalized.
100% free-market economics. An "invisible hand" will guide the economy.
The economy should be structured around non-profit co-ops and communes.
5. What is your opinion on democracy?
Democracy is a very base form of government. People are whimsical and easily manipulated, therefore the common person is ill-suited to manage the country. They should have some say as to who they are led by, but is important that they are in fact, led. A
The government should be for the common person, and eventually there will be no government and the common person will reign supreme, but until then, they must pretend to have no influence at all. They need to forfeit their participation in government for
Democracy is necessary. The government cannot provide for the people unless the people run the government.
Democracy is good. Those who do not participate in government to defend their rights, will soon lose them to totalitarianism.
Democracy means that the people rule. Abolish government, and the people will rule.
6. What is your opinion on taxation.
The citizens are part of a team, so it is necessary for them to help fund the state which is the embodiment of the team.
All capital belongs to the state anyway, and not any individual citizen, so it is unnecessary for citizens to pay the government, because any money they receive comes from the government.
Some people have more money than they can spend, so there needs to be taxation that ensures that their money accomplishes something constructive by helping those without money and funding government social programs.
Taxation is a necessary evil, so that the government can keep the nation running, therefore protecting our right to make money. Taxes should be minimal.
Nobody should ever take money from someone else without their consent, especially no government.
7. What is your opinion on national security during times of increased terrorist threats?
The government should secure the borders and monitor transportation and personal information in the interest of security. Also, people who advocate terrorism needs to be treated as a terrorist.
Mobilize the people. Infiltrate the nation with spies. Surveillance solves many problems of security.
Look for a peaceful resolution with the terrorists, but never become vulnerable. There should always be tight security, just in case.
Give everyone easy access to a gun. Encourage the formation of private militias.
Government and corporations are the root causes of many of the world's conflicts. Without these, we are safer. If people are attacked, they can either defend themselves, or form defense collectives.
8. What is your opinion on welfare?
Those who serve the nation, but cannot provide for themselves should not be abandoned by the state, but those who have the capacity to provide for themselves, but choose not to, should not expect any help from the state.
Any money that people receive should come from the state. Everyone should receive an equal amount of money.
People who are lacking in wealth should be given money in order to be more equal with the richer people. Money is not all that the government can give to the people. A variety of social programs for every need is a good idea.
People should not have to lose the money that they earn to pay for the expenses of others. Voluntary giving is acceptable.
Welfare is good, just not government welfare. Communes or collective organizations are a better idea.
9. Which government model is best?
A supreme leader that embodies the nation with a great amount of power, a policy-making council that also chooses the leader, and many industrial councils and sub-councils to represent the citizens economically. A constitution is recommended, but one that
A revolutionary state led by a committee entrusted with the success of the revolution. The leader of the nation should be powerful, but still considered to be just another citizen doing his assigned role. Various agencies should be led by commissioners ch
A democratic government that places most of the power in the hands of a parliament of elected legislators. A consitution is necessary. The government should allow for the creation and funding of social welfare programs. Political parties should be the bas
The government should be small, but still able to provide for the common defense of it's people. The people should be the basis of the government's power. The people need to be represented in the government, but a very strict constituion is needed that pr
Government is not necessary.
10. What is your opinion on imperialism?
The nation should be made as great as possible, and then it should try to expand itself and become even greater. Land acquisition is desirable, and the opportunity to gain more land should be considered. A great nation cannot help, but allow its greatness
Imperialism in the traditional sense is merely an inevitable by-product of capitalism, but the nation should try to encourage revolution in other nations. Weaker revolutionary nations can be used as puppets.
The nation should give money to less developed nations and hope that it will be well liked as a result by those nations that it helped. As for tradtitional imperialism, the nation should try to pursue an oppossite path. The nation should encourage the con
The nation may or may not pursue an imperialist policy, but should be aggressive when another nation tresspasses on the rights of the citizens. The nation should try to influence other nations to make people around the world more free.
Imperialism in any form is unacceptable.
11. What should the basis for civil law?
Positivist thinking should be rejected. The state is the basis for the law. It should be an absolute institution for the citizens. It should be based on a higher order that rejects relativism.
Whatever advances the revolution of the people.
A democratic government that has the responsibility of providing for the citizens.
The people's consent.
There should be no law, except communal voluntary law.
12. Which political figure is the best match to your ideology?
Benito Mussolini
Vladimir Lenin
Eugene Debbs
Thomas Jefferson
Noam Chomsky
Who are these people?

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