What are your political beliefs

The quiz aims to determine what your political ideas mean and what you would be labelled in terms of conventional political theory. The quiz will help you to become aware of your beliefs if you were previously unsure what you would be called politically.

So take the quiz, answer each question completely truthfully without being swayed by your friends or anything else and hopefully you'll go away and learn SOMEHING!!!!

Created by: Louis Jackson
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is your opinion on Class structure
All hierachies can be considered class structures, private ownership included.Do away with all these systems of oppression.
Class can be eliminated by abolishing the state but not the free market.
Class is inherently natural to any soicety, leaders and the strong will always end up at the top.
Class differences are a part of society, that's not to say we shouldn't help the poor.
Class structures should be abolished and wealth handed out equally by the state.
Class is important as all classes need each other to survive.
4. Should the people, the masses, the working class control government?
Yes, this will end the class system
No, no government
No, the working class will not be in control, only a society without government will be working towards classless society
No, the government should be democratic, chosen by all
No, the working class will not be able to handle this
No, they are weak, why do you think they're called working class
5. Do you think the people should collectively own property
Sure do
No this is not libery, private property would be freer
No because they will need some sort of boss, leader to regulate stuff
They can't handle it, they need a leader to enforce authority
6. Do you believe that your race is better than all others
No, all people should be equal, it doesn't matter where you come from
Yes and we should have power over other races
7. What is the best way for social and political change
Violent Revolution led and organised by strong leaders
Violent Revolution, where the people organise themselves
Peaceful Revolution where we stop paying taxes etc.
Change through electing a new leader
Only little change is needed, but society is generally fine
The extermination of the weaker races and peoples
8. What is freedom?
To have all needs fulfilled and for each to have equality with each other. Also a society without hierachy.
A classless soceity where the state equally distributes wealth.
No government, where every person is allowed to pursue self interest.
Where racism and other inequalities are stamped out in society.
To be able to have as much money as you want. It all depends on how hard you work.
For our race to be free and have the freedom from other races.
9. Homosexual people should have equality with heterosexual people. What is your opinion on this statement?
Yes, everyone should be equal
Well, to some extent, but they shouldn't be allowed to get married
No, it is unnatural.
10. Capitalism. Thoughts?
It needs to be replaced with a system where class structures are abolished.
It needs to be destroyed, just like all systems of government.
Capitalism has some good aspects of freedom but I don't think the state should have to enforce it.
It is a good system where everyone is allowed to be free.
Capitalism works well in showing who is weak and who is strong.
11. Explain your views on Religion?
Religion is the opium of the masses
As long as we have a master in heaven, we shall be slaves on earth
Christian values should be instilled in today's children
I am religious
Our religion is superior to all others.
I believe in science not in religion
12. Which of these appeals most to you?
A society where the people manage everything themselves and each persons need is fulfilled. Based on community, solidarity and co-operation.
A society where the people are allowed to fulfill their desires without interference from the government
A society where the wealth is shared equally by the goverment
A society of equality which is democratic like the one we have now. One with a mixed economy.
A society based on Laissez-faire Capitalist economics
A society where my views and my race are necessary for the inhabitants of the society

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