the love dilemma quiz

Who causes all the arguments in your household? Some people just arnt equipt to deal with some of the things their less than perfect partners throw at them. how well do you deal with things. Are you a doormat or a turbo fan????

How do you smooth over the dilemmas in your love life. How diplomatic are you when it comes to your partners cock ups. are you a raging bull or a pussy cat who avoids all arguments?? Take this quiz to check out where you stand

Created by: kaz
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3. your other half just dumped you, do you:
jump in the sack with his/her best friend
cut up their clothes
go to the pub
watch a weepy film wiv lotza ice cream
stalk them to find out
say oh well, his/her loss
4. you find out your current BF/GF has cheated on you, do you:
punch his/her lights out
punch the other party's lights out
go to the pub
punch the person who told you's lights out
pack his bags and send him/her on their way
go and cheat on them with their best friend
5. your BF/GF has bought you an electric food mixer for your birthday, do you
stick his/her head in it and turn it on
say "ooh thats what I always wanted"
stare at them in gobsmacked amazement
throw it in the bin and go to the pub
give it to ya granny for her birthday
go and make some smoothies
6. if you could change one thing about your partner what would it be
make them more romantic
make them less clingy
you love them just the way they are
you would make them slimmer
you would make them less serious
you would make them more loyal
7. its christmas and your partner wants you to go to there parents, do you
tootle off and do as your told
go to your parents
go to his for lunch and yours for tea
go to yours for lunch and his for tea
spend the day arguing about it and go nowhere
cancel christmas and go off somewhere you both like
8. you are having a lovely relaxing bath and your partner wants to jump in with you, do you
let him /her, no problem saves water
let them jump in after you
let them have the clean water first
light candles and make a night of it
say yes and shave your legs
say no way hunni
9. you are at a party and your partner is making a total prat of him/her self, do you
drag them out and take him/her home
put them in a taxi home then stay and have fun
find a quiet room and blow your top
get drunk and join them
slip out of the room b4 any1 notices he/she's with you
shove his head into the buffet then leave
10. you find some of your partners friends very irritating, do you
put up with them when you have to
do you tell them to stop being so annoying
do you explain to your BF.GF you really dont like these people
pour a pint over each ones head to get ya point across
do you smile and say something sarcastic
do you finish with your partner
11. your partner works in a chip shop and always smells of grease, do you
run a lovely bath for him when he gets home
go to bed with a peg on ya nose
change your sheets for newspapers to give him a hint
cover him/her in vinegar and lick it off
scrape it off and use it to cook his breakfast
chuck him out he stinks
12. your partner comes home from a night out and he/she is sick all over the bathroom, do you
leave it till the morning and ask him/her to clean it up
get up and clean it all up yourself
rub his/her face in it
use his/her toothbrush to clean around the toilet area bless he/she must have had a great night
make a mental note to kill him in the morning

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