Do you take too many online Quizzes?

For anyone, quizzes can sometimes be a means of killing time or boredom. But for others, it's a deadly addiction. Constant blogging and sharing of results with friends can often lead to self indentity issues and the common belief that if you were in fact a Pokemon character, you would be Pikachu. While some of us brush off these quizzes and pay them no mind, there are countless others who buy into the notion that if they were a painting they would be a Picasso.

But there is hope now! With the new "Do you take too many online quizzes?" Quiz, you can finally face and overcome your problem, and take the neccessary steps to face your dilemma that you may, in fact, be addicted to the suspense of the results you might get from a generic questionnaire filled with idiot, unrealistic responses and innane questions. So why the f--- are you just sitting there googling instructions for how to make Molotov Cocktails for? Do something useful and find out!

Created by: Master Evil of Teenage Wasteland
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How did you find this particular quiz?
I found it through your blog :)
I found it online...I refuse to disclose how...*ashamed*
I'm come here everyday to take User Created Quizzes...MOAR QUIZZES!
4. Tell me how you feel right now about this particular quiz. How much are you anticipating the results?
lollers...I'm taking a QUIZ!
It's okay. It's my favorite kind of quiz. The kind that doesn't affect my grade...
I'm only doing this for you. If I really wanted to take a quiz, I'd go to school.
5. So how often do you take quizzes?
I always take quizzes. I want to lern moar about maself!
Um, every once in a while, never too often...
I never take these. They are corny.
6. So if the results to this quiz says that you are in fact addicted to Online Quizzes, what will you do?
Um...I'll cry...NOEEEZZZ!
I'll just take it again until I get the test to say otherwise. Does a man fall and never get up? If a Tree falls in the woods, does Anyone hear it? Does a...
SHUT UP! Geez, I'd just say f--- off and call it a day. Online Quizzes are dumb anyway. No one knows you but you...
7. Alright, Moving On. Do you or have you ever posted your quiz results on your myspace page?
Yeaaah! y not? I liked people to get an idea of what I'm like.
Um, well, I use to...but I don't anymore, I swear. Don't look at my myspace page!
No not really. Too cliche. It's a myspace killer, in my opinion.
8. Alright, We still have a couple more questions to go, so let me ask you: Do you think you take too many online quizzes?
Um, No, I don't think so. Say, can we hurry this up? I just spotted a quiz on the first page, and I want to know which Pokemon Character I am. I wanna be Pikachu! So Kawaii!!!!1!1!!!
No, No I don't think I do, I'm fine, THANK YOU. Don't you dare accuse me of anything like that, because you don't even KNOW ME!
Lol, Noooo. I'm cool.
9. Alright, so once you are done taking this quiz, do you plan on taking any more?
YES, so hurry it up. PIKA PIKA! *munches on Pocky* *browses google for another quiz*...Uh, hey BACK OFF, I was just doing a search!
Oh PLEASE Lord no!
10. Why are YOU taking this quiz?
Because It's OMGZ *breathes* SO COOL! Quizzes...
Um...*tears up* I was just trying to see how I would score, that's all. Nothing wrong with that.
I have nothing better to do.
11. When was the "last" or most recent quiz you took?
Um...5 minutes ago
No comment.
I really can't remember, I think like 5 years ago...
12. Aright, Last Question: When this quiz is officially done, will you share your results with other people via myspace/blogger/Xanga code or wallow in your embarassment?
OmGz I am goin' to killz you right now, I wanna take my pokemon quiz. KAWAII!!!
I've put up with this long enough! I'm about to not even click the submit button *Stares at the button with anticipation*
*suddenly awoken* oh, woah, I'm sorry, what?

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