Magic Adventure 1

Warning! This story features a female character. The world of Vigna. The dragons have said to be fallen, but in secret, few live in hiding. They waite till their Holders -as they are called- are brought to them. Their Holders are spell casting shapeshifters. The Holders and their dragons watch over, and protect the four races of peace, those that rather have peace and light, than dark and war. You are dragged into this story.

Now the day has come, for you, under guidance of many, to find if you are to be a queen, and of which race. Shall the elves be your destiny? Or are the fairies your true people. Or maybe, even just ordianry humans, are most fit to be ruled by you. And never forget, the honest dwarves.

Created by: Skydragon of this site
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3. It is early morning, and you are walking along the shores of a beach, as you gaze into the water, what do you see?
A fairy, of many colors, flying in the wind.
A dwarf stamping about, through a mountain city.
An elf reading by candle light from a long scroll.
A human upon horseback, who is racing upon fields of green.
4. You hear a sound behind you, and turn abruptly. Before you stands a unicorn, silver and white. Eyes like pearls. She is one of the very last of unicorns. One of the Rare Races, as they are known. "Greetings, _____" she says to you in an adorable voice. You:
reply, "Greetings, fair being of beyond."
nod at the creature, and just look at it.
look annoyed. You were enjoying the image in the water.
reply, "I am amazed to see you, unicorn."
5. You then ask, "Why are you here?" The unicorn smiles kindly. "You have one thing that others don't."
What is that then?
I've never known something like that.
6. The unicorn goes on, "You have one ability that none of the races have. Give a guess."
Power! Unbeatable power.
The understanding that is needed in this world.
Night vission?
Nothing I guess.
7. You look questioningly at the unicorn. "Shapeshifting." she whispers in your ear.
That's cool.
Teach me how to master it!
8. "What does this mean for my life?" you ask. "It means that you are to mount me, and I shall carry you to your destination." You do as she wishes, and she tells you her name is Ivy. On your way, what is the question that burns inside you most?
Since when is this known of?
Does this mean I get a high purpose?
Will I be able to become anything I wish?
Nothing. I enjoy the scenorie around me.
9. A while later, the unicorn stops in the midst of a green forest. She says it's called the Emerald Forest. "Wait to see, who will approach." she says. Who do you espect?
Other shapeshifters
10. From the surrounding bushes, four beings step forth. One is an elf, as fair as can be, and is a male, the second is a male fairy, with incredible looks. The third's look is no exception, and he is a human. The last is a dwarf, looking wise, and gorgious. Who does your eye fall upon?
The elf, so fair as can be!
Fairy, more delicate, than any man.
The human, powerfull and good looks!
The dwarf. He is so wise, and so gorgious!
11. Ivy speaks, "These are the kings of all four lands in this world. One of elves, one of fairies, another of humans, and a final for dearves. They seek a queen, and as you can shapeshift, you can adjust to any kind." Which do you wish to speak to first?
Ivy. She's not a king.
The dwarvin King
The fairy King
The human King
The elvin King
12. When Ivy speaks the names of the lands, which stands out to you?
13. You open your mouth to speak, but the Elvin King speaks, "Come. You have much to learn, you will be trained in many elements, and subjects, at each of our casles." The group of four, head in the same direction. Ivy begins to follow.
Fine I guess...
Training? What training?
Can't waite to start!
I'm curious to these Kings of the lands.
14. You travel for many minutes. You upon unicorn back, and the kings on their own feet. You discover the names of the Kings. Which do you enjoy most?
Gurdore, King of Humans
Sky, King of Fairies
Crade, King of Dwarves
Surgan, King of Elves
15. When the whole party stops upon a hill, they all overlook a castle. Gurdore points at it proudly, and says that is his domain.
I could live there.
What a beautifull castle!
The other races would do better.
16. Surgan whistles with his tongue. Humongous wing strides are heard in the air. A shadown glides over you. Before you, glides down, a dragon as blue as saphires.
Woooo[no urls]
Stand in awe
Pat Ivy's neck to calm her.
Tell Ivy to run!!!!! Run for your life!!!!
17. That's it for now. I hope you will come back for part 2! Coming as soon as possible. It's so much more working creating these, than playing them. Please rate and comment!!!!
So going to!
Not.. realy... going to. {Secretly will}

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