Magic Adventure 3

Okay, here we go again. So you just found a dragon. She is red, a female, and her name is Verras. You have gone back to the castle of Gurdore, and are going to start training soon. Ivy and Gurdore himself awaited you. Have fun!

So who will it be this time? Gurdore, Surgan, Sky, Crade, or Naris? Will the elves be right for you? Or the fairies or dwarves? Maybe just the humans? Or maybe the shapeshifters are truely more for you. Find out, and if you haven't played the other parts, do those before beginning this one!

Created by: Skydragon of this site
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3. Gurdore stands beside Ivy, and looks at your dragon. "Quite a fine creature. Take her with you. Come." he says, and turns. Then walks through the open doors of the gate. Ivy follows.
Ok, "Takes Verras, and follows"
"Follows without hesitation! Gurdore is so handsome!"
Hmm, "Not so sure, takes Verras, follows right beside Ivy"
4. Once you are in a large hall, Gurdore stops, and turns his eyes upon Ivy. "Silver unicorn, you are excused from your recent call upon you." he says. Ivy laughs gently. "You don't truly know what my funcion is, now do you?" she says. Her eyes shining.
Whatever it is, I hope I get to see her again many times.
If it were for me, she'd be long gone.
Don't care.
5. Gurdore frowns, and looks at her with searching eyes. "I," Ivy begins, "am assigned to Lady _____, to carry her upon my back, to wield my horn at danger, and I am her steed as much as her protector."
Soon enough, I won't need one any longer.
How cool!!!!
Ivy's MY steed?!
I'll ride Verras lateron insteed.
6. "But why?" Gurdore asks, sounding astonished. "We unicorns wish to assist the shapeshifters in any way. We all control elements." Ivy begins.
Which ever it is, it won't bother me!
Too curious!!!
7. "Wind." Ivy concludes. "And now, we must go on. I must be ready to assist Lady ______ when needed, so do not conceal her from me." she adds. "Very well. We shall go for dinner with the kings." Gurdore admitts, and walks on.
I was already getting hungry.
Will Ivy come?
I'd rather have a nap first.
8. You enter a hall where a long table is set, and many lords and ladies have gathered, along with the kings. Gurdore sits down at the end, and gestures to the empty seats on his left and right. One has a chair, the other doesn't. Ivy walks to the open space, and looks at all around her. You:
Ask where Verras may be left.
Take a seat on the chair by Gurdore's side.
9. After all is arranged, and Verras has an open space upon the table, Gurdore introduces you, and adds also to it, that he had rather Naris also here. What is his concluding sentence?
"Let us feast on the new shapeshifter!"
"A new dragon, a new future!"
"Legends never lie."
10. You are allowed to eat, and have a wide selection. Which do you pick?
Vegetables and fruits. A soft meal.
Fine, full meat.
Anything but meat.
Bread, soups, and salads.
A bit of everything.
11. While you eat, your eyes wonder. They stop when seeing
12. The meal was fine, and afterwards, you are introduced to a made named Leah. She is going to travel with you.
"Nice to meet you"
"That's a fine name."
"I guess you could ride Ivy, when Verras is fullgrown."
Just a smile will do.
13. Leah leads you to a door up a few stairs. "These are your chambers, Lady _____. You have a bedroom, small library, and a living room." she says.
I could learn a lot in my library.
What a shame, I expected something else.
14. You walk in with Verras, while Leah tends to Ivy's chambers. You decide to read a book. Which do you pick first?
Dragons! I could read to Verras and me!
Something about fairies.
The hidden cities in the stone.
Elves and their abilities.
The art of horseriding and weapon handling.
15. After having read a long while, Leah opens the door, and peaks around the corner. "Lady _____, it is getting late. Tommorow will be long. I'd suggest you to go to sleep." she says, and closes the door again.
Don't command me!
That's a brilliant idea. I was getting tired already.
I already went to bed!
I'll read a little more, than go to bed.
16. You finally go to bed, and in your dreams you see
Dragons and their riders.
17. That's it for now! Please rate and comment, and come back if you're curious! Thanks!
Nah, I'm fine.

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