Magic Adventure 5

So here's part 5 of the Magic Adventure series. The adventure is just beginning! Find out a shocking part in the story. If you forgot where you are, go to part 4, or read the recap below.

Recap: This morning, you have received a sword from Gurdore. It is lightning blue, and yours to keep. Gurdore took you to a hall for what they call "training". Find out what will happen this time, and make a shocking discovery during the evening...

Created by: Skydragon
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3. The doors open, and inside is a huge chamber, lighted with torches and candles. The other kings are gathered, while mumbeling amongst themselves. They look at you.
I'm fine with Gurdore.
4. "You may go." Gurdore tells the other kings. They nod, and walk past you, and out of the door. The large doors shut, and Gurdore has drawn his sword.
We gonna fight?!
Eek, he's going to battle me?
5. "Draw your sword. I want to see how well you handle your blade, and, I'll teach you new techniques." Gurdore says.
(Gulp!) Bloodshed!
6. You pull your sword. It slides from the sheath without a sound. It feels very light in your hand. Gurdore strikes at you without warning.
Fall unconscious!
7. You then jump to the right, and stab your sword forward.
Not at Gurdore!
The right way.
8. Gurdore blocks your attack, and he tries to hack at you.
Jump aside.
Block of course.
Smash aside his sword with mine, and lunge back at him.
Jump aside, and attack.
9. The fighting goes on with many clangs of swords, stabbing, slashing, and blocking. You begin to feel exhausted. "Enough!" Gurdore finally says.
pant... pant...
I don't care, I want to master this, I'll go on forever if needed!
10. "We shall have lunch first." Gurdore says, and he calls for Leah. The girl comes in, and asks where you would like to dine.
In my room.
In the courtyard.
The Dining Hall.
Near the forest.
On a balcony.
11. You end up eating in the courtyard, near the fountain you were at earlier. You are there with Ivy and Verras. The dragon is darting about by the fountain.
How cute.
Free shower!
I'm just goint to eat.
Still exhausted from the fighting.
Having a chat with Ivy.
12. After eating, Gurdore calls you to the library.
(sigh) Boring books.
Freaking out! Letters are scary!
Great! I love to read.
I guess it could be interesting.
13. You learn many things from Gurdore. But the thing that you like most is:
History of the four lands.
The magical language
Forest animals and plants
Earth and life science.
14. The day goes by, and nothing special happens. In the evening, Gurdore suggests you take a ride with Ivy under the shining stars.
Yes, I need some cool air.
Hmm, if Verras comes.
No, I have better things to do.
15. You end up going while Verras flies along with you. You ride through a large forest. None of you speak. You are all three enjoying the silence. Then, the forest opens, and you stand on a hill, with many more in front of you, down somewhat, and the forest behind you.
Let's sit down for a moment.
How peaceful this is...
Nice scenery.
16. Suddenly, you see a being float through the air, and you hear a trememndous roar!
What is that???
... huh???
17. "Something's wrong. Let's look!" Ivy says. The three of you head to the point where the shape in the air departed. It is the cave where the dragon eggs were.
What would that "thing" have to do here?
18. You hear a painful moarn nearby. You look in the direction. There lies Veldaro. Scarred, bleeding, torn apart, but still in life. It seems that he might die soon!
Must help... but how?
Where's Naris?
19. You run towards the humongous blue dragon. You then see Naris by his side. He too, is bleeding, scarred, and on the edge of death.
Oh no!
What to do?
20. Naris speaks in a haors voice, "_____, a dragon egg." he stops for a moment, catfching his breath, "is stolen!"
But how!?
I'll take revenge!!!
21. So that was it for this part. I hope you liked it as much as I did, and the floating shape might not be what you think it is...
Ohw, what then?
I don't like cliffhangers! Oh well.

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