Magic Adventure 5

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Fairy said:
Nov 27 '10, 4:52PM

I cant find part 4!!

LinxLady said:
Jul 7 '10, 2:51PM

Hey, don't worry about it! As long as she is ok with how her story goes and the reactions she's getting, than nothing else matters. Btw, great stuff! I like Gurdore, but he is not really opening up! An Naris is hurt!!!! NOOOOO!!!!

cokepepsi1211 said:
Jul 1 '10, 8:49PM

Are you copying from Eragon? cause i read all the books and i know how the story goes.

Xy624 said:
Feb 6 '09, 6:35PM

Yay i got Naris!!!! This is gggoooddd !!!

Skydragon said:
Jan 24 '09, 5:16PM

Part 6 is up! URL: m/magic_adventure_6

ltlbabeangel said:
Jan 18 '09, 9:27AM


starfire3 said:
Jan 17 '09, 5:02PM

love the quizzes cant wait for part 6 ^.^

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