Magic Adventure 10

I was so busy, so I had no time to make these anymore. Here's part 10 of the Magic Adventure series. It's extra long to make up for my time being gone. I hope you will all enjoy it! Please comment and rate!

Quick recap: Your whole party has come to a dreadful land. Verras brough you a ruby, and by use of magic, her size increased. Naris and Veldaro were kidnapped, and you found them in the tunnels. Now, you are going to search for anything that could let them out of the chambers.

Created by: Skydragon of oscado
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3. As you roam the halls, Verras stays near you. She has her head low, and her wings folded against her sides, for otherwise she wouldn't fit.
Let's hope we find whatever we're looking for...
How long will this take? I feel like fighting more than searching!
Did this realy have to take place underground? I don't like it one bit.
I love these tunnels! So much to discover! Awesome!
I hope that we can discover some more information in these tunnels.
4. You hear sounds, way down the tunnel. You pull out your sword, and walk on. Then, your light falls upon a snake, whose head is in height as high as you yourself.
Got about time! Bring it on!
5. The snake is lime green, and has yellow eyes. It looks at you, and hisses. You stand there, with your sword ready. Verras stands by.
Who attacks first???
This will be easy!
6. Verras flies forward, and you get pushed aside, as she thrusts herself at the snake, and cuts her claw through one of its eyes. The snake is maddened with rage, and begins to bite about.
Together, Verras. You and I!
I can't see!!!! No light!!!
This will be easy.
Good training... Let's go!
No problem!
7. You hack your sword into the snake's other eye, while Verras lets out a bright stream of bright red fire. The snake roars, and it sounds like a dragon....
Didn't see that one coming.
This thing is doomed to die, unless he gets out NOW!
8. "Kill it!" you hear Verras yell in your thoughts. She has hooked all of her claws into the snake's head, who is thrusting himself around wildly. Without hesitation, you jump forward, and stab down your sword into the snake's forehead.
Is it dead?
Too easy!
Hmm, I don't know where the courage came from, but it doesn't matter!
9. The snake screams loudly: a painful shrill. You jump back, as does Verras. The snake's eyes close, and it sinks onto the floor. It's whole being dissolves, and nothing of it is left.
Wow, freaky....
That was cool.
I want to fight more!
That could have been us!
10. You walk on, and you find a door to your right. You open the door, and surprisingly, it is not locked. You look around. The walls are coated with a warm red color, and a table is pushed against the wall opposite the door. Upon the table, are three pots. Before them, is a scroll, and on the wall behind them, is a riddle.
I love riddles!
Did it have to be? I suck at riddles!
Uhm, Verras, you're smart right?
11. You walk up to the table, and look at the riddle first. It reads: “I am silver, I am round. During day, I am not found. I dance upon water, though I never sink, nor can I be touched. In the night you see me, only not always in the same shape. What am I?”
How am I supposed to know THAT?
This can't be hard. OK, uhm....
What does it matter? I only need to find a key or whatever.
12. You look at the pots. They are about a foot high. There are three, and they each have a word on them. One reads moon, the other ice, and the last reflection.
Are these like posibilities for the riddle or something?
Now what am I supposed to do with these?
Oh, they're pretty!
Hmm, I could sell them for good money.
They're easy to break.... let's do so!
13. "These are answers for the riddle. Which do you think it is?" Verras says to you.
Uhm, i don't know. I thought you would...
Neither of them. Does it even matter?
14. "Let's think. I am round." Verras egins, while walking towards the wall, and studying the riddle.
Round.... what's round?
The moon is round!
.... ice can be round I guess.
A reflection can be any shape, so round is also possible.
Why can't you solve it? I can't do this!
15. "And it is silver," Verras goes on.
Silver? Why not gold?
The moon is... kind of silver, right?
Ice and silver. Do they go together?
It depends upon what reflection you let pass upon the water.
16. "During day I can not be found." Verras adds.
The moon! It's obvious!
Ice might melt in the day...
Hmm, a reflection can be seen actually in the day, only vaguely...
17. "I dance upon water, though I never sink, nor can I be touched." Verras concludes.
If you find a way to reach the moon, then I'll praise you, but for now, THIS must be the answer.
Ice, doesn't sink, but it can be touched...
A reflection can't be touched. It is the answer!
18. "In the night you may see me, but not always in the same shape." Verras says.
Uh... the moon! It IS just the answer!!!!
Ice can change in whatever shape you want it to be.
A reflection depends on what it reflects, so this is the answer.
19. "So, what do we choose?" Verras asks, and looks at you. You shrug, unsure of your answer. "All in all, I exclude Ice." Verras adds.
Yes, agreed.
But... which is it? TELL ME!
20. You think. "The moon." you say with confidence. Verras looks at you, and considers the riddle and answer. "Clever." she says, and nods her agreement.
Yay! I knew it all along!
No, it's WRONG! The answer is reflection!
What's wrong with ice then?
21. You look at the scroll, and read it. It tells you to smash the pot with the answer written on it. If you choose wrong, death will come to you.
Which means we'll die, unless we do as I say!
Why are we even bothering to do this?
22. Without hesitation, Verras thrusts her tail out. She shatters the pot saying moon, and you notice a shiny thing within the broken pieces.
What's this?
No! We're going to DIE now!
23. You pick up the shiny thing, while Verras gazes over your shoulder. It's a key. "To Naris's door." Verras says.
Yay! We made it.
Wow, I guess the answer truly was moon...
Good enough. Let's go!
24. You rush out the chamber, and back down the halls that you came from. You see the faint light in the distance, and you reach the locked door. The key belongs to it, and you unlcok the door.
Can we go fight now?
I need to get better at riddles...
25. You quickly tell Naris what happened. You then both head out.
Gurdore would be proud of me!
I want to go back to Sky after this.
I hope I will see Surgan when we go back home.
Crade should know of this!
26. That's it! I hope you liked it, and this is the longest that I have done so far! Please comment and rate!

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