Are you conservative, liberal, or libertarian?

Which political bucket to you fit in? Not sure? Or, would you like to see if you really belong in the category you think you are in. Try out this quiz to find out for sure.

Not sure who to vote for? Not sure which part affiliation you should hold to. Try this quiz to find out for sure. This will help define your most important political views.

Created by: Michael
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Free speech should be:
OK as long as it doesn't offend someone
4. Firearms should be:
Unrestricted and allowed to be carried freely
Strictly controlled because they are dangerous
5. Federal government should:
Monitor the population for their own safety
Be careful not to violate our 4th Amendment rights against illegal search
6. Abortion should be:
Illegal. What good are any other rights without the right to life?
None of the government's business.
7. Homosexuality should be:
Illegal and should be pursued by police/courts.
Illegal but this law should not be actively enforced
Legal and none of anyone's business
8. Gay marraige should be:
Legal, but they should not have the same rights concerning adoption.
9. Taxes should be:
Low and based upon use, not on income.
Low, but based on income is ok.
Higher for "rich" people and low for the rest of us.
High enough to ensure all government programs like universal healthcare and welfare
10. Government should be:
Large enough to guarantee a certain standard of living for everyone
Small, but still strong enough to defend us
Small at any cost
11. Healthcare should be:
A right. Everyone should be covered and the cost should be spread evenly
Cheaper than it is currently, but under the same basic system
None of the government's business whatsoever
12. The United States of America is:
The greatest nation on earth. Not perfect, but one of the last beacons of true freedom.
A great nation that sometimes oversteps its bounds. We should not mettle in other's affairs as much as we do.
A good country that needs to become more involved in international goverment (UN, etc).
13. The role of government should be to:
Provide opportunties by ensuring our freedom
Provide basic essentials and to make sure nobody falls through the cracks.
Get out of the way. Leave people alone as much as possible.
14. Illegal drugs are:
Illegal for a reason. Prosecute people for pushing this poison on our youth.
Illegal for a reason but violent criminals are more of a concern.
Not a big deal. Most if not all of them could be legalized without any major harm.
15. Immigration should be:
No big deal. Why bother setting limits. Remember "Give me your tired, your poor"?
Controlled. Illegal immigrants should be pursued and prosecuted.
Controlled, but illegal immigrants aren't a big deal. Leave them alone.

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