Are You Conservative or Liberal?

Most of us are aware that there are two main political parties in the United States: Republicans and Democrats. There are also those who are Libertains, Independants, or something else entirely. But underneath party differences, there are three main idealogical views.

The three different viewpoints are: conservative, independent, and liberal. Most of us have heard these terms before, but do you know what your viewpoint is? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Bryt of Bryt on Gov
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2. What is your gender?
3. On abortion, you want...
to outlaw it to protect innocent life
to outlaw only late-term abortions
to keep it legal
4. On Iraq, you want...
to fight until the job is finished
withdrawl if things don't improve soon
withdrawl immediatley
5. On taxes, you want to...
cut them to promote growth
cut them for the middle class only
increase them for the rich
6. On illegal immigration, you want to...
send illegals home and fine their employees
let them stay, but at a price
give them complete amnesty
7. On marriage, you want to...
define it between one man and one woman
allow homosexuals to have civil unions, but not get married
define it between any two people, men or women
8. On education, you want to...
give vouchers to allow choice of school
give vouchers only to students in poor-performing schools
outlaw vouchers
9. On healthcare, you want to...
require affordable health insurance for everyone
leave it the way it is
have a socialist healthcare system
10. On guns, you want to...
keep them legal and protect Second Amendment rights
ban non-hunting guns only
increase gun control
11. On global warming, you want to...
do nothing. It sounds like a hoax. Switching to biofuels and nuclear energy are good though, but for other reasons.
reduce carbon emmisions, but no carbon tax
charge a carbon tax and rugulate businesses to reduce carbon emissions
12. On religion in the public square, you want to...
keep God on our money, in our pledge, keep the Ten Commandments in public places, and allow school prayer
leave God on our pledge and on our money, but try to stay religion and denomination neutral
remove God and references to God from all public places

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