Are you a target of a bully?

Alot of people get bullied. Alot don't. Sometimes bullies just pick on people. Alot of people stand tall and proud and don't let anyone bully them. Some just let themselves get bullied and try to cope with it.

Will you or are you a TARGET to a bully? Are you someone who stands up talland strong? Find out right now if you are the target of a bully with this quiz!

Created by: Unknowntoyou
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. You're riding your bike at the park when you see a little girl being pushed around by some bullies at your school. You:
You speed up and hope they don't notice you.
You yell "Hey bullies!" and chase them around the park on your bike.
You don't care.
You find some worms and tip them on their heads.
You tell the bullies to leave the girl alone and offer to help the girl find her parrents.
4. You are reading a book at the library. The libarian and a boy you don't like suddenly walks up to you saying that you were ripping apart pages of some books. What do you do?
Deny it and start to cry.
Punch the boy in the face. You know this guy was the one lying about you.
Run out of the library and keep on running til you can not run anymore.
Start singing the saddest song you know to soften up the librarian and then deny you did anything.
5. The prettiest girl you know asks you out.The next day you find that boy from the library hitting on her with a bunch of big, tough boys.
You knock them all out with one blow and run away with the girl.
Sorry. I'm straight.
You become emo and tell the bullies that you think they are better than you.
Cry and scream
Sob and scream.
6. Everytime you go outside, people always glare at you.
Ignore them.
Say "Yes, I was the one who toilet papered your house and dog."
Smile back.
Never go outside again.
Glare back. They hate you already, so what's the damage?
7. Are you easily scared?
Uhh...No.... Stop asking me these questions it's scraing me!
Even a ghost can't scare me.
8. Have you ever been bullied?
Yes and alot.
Not once.
Yes but maybe only once or twice.
9. Describe yourself.
Outgoing and loving.
Friendly and gentle.
Abit anxious but sweet.
10. Think about the person you dislike the most. What do you feel?
All of the above
I feel like superman! 8-)
11. Now think of the person you love the most.
12. Are you shy?
Umm... Err.....Hmm....Yes......
13. If your friend was being bullied. Would you help them?
Nope. Gotta save myself.
Of course!
Depends on the situation.
I said, Who? What friend?
14. Did you enjoy this quiz?
Wait, this was a quiz? I thought this was some tips to not get bullied.
15. See ya!
I'll miss you!
.... =.="
*prepares to click submit*

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