~Love In The Middle Ages~ part 2

Well fair ladies, i have made the 2nd part of this series i do hope you enjoy and please comment because the comments are the ones which make me continue with this series

GUYS DESCRIPTIONS: William Peteson- short brown hair in a hot messy way, green eyes, Hot, tall, kinght, looks like the leader Colin Tenneson- black hair, beautiful grey eyes, shy smart, a little teaser, hot, tall, knight Richard Kipling- brown hair, hazel eyes, funny, tall, hot, knight Samuel Jenkins- blonde hair, royal blue eyes, caring, tall, hot, knight Edwin Stewart- ginger hair, black eyes,creative, tall, hot, knight James Prescot- mahogony red hair, chocolate brown eyes, adventurous, tall, hot knight

Created by: angelic4 of justplainlife
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. ~recap~ you found out all the guy's name when a creepy voice said "Going somewhere"
got it
why the hell did u take so long with the quiz(me:i was pre writing it i'm so sorry)
i dont remember(me:take the first part)
am i going to spend time with one of the guys(me:great it was a surprise now u ruined it)
4. Colin grabbed your hand and takes you to his horse, you ride off with him, the last thing you here is "It is time knights" time for what you wondered, you were being chased by riders in black armor, you clinged to Colin for dear life, Colin was trying to lose them but they just followed, upahead was a cliff and you were running out of ground, the people in black armor were surrounding you
good-bye cruel world
i'm going to die aint i(me: maybe, maybe not)
Colin think of something
5. the horse you were own kept on going ahead, the cliff was nearer and nearer, until the horse actually jumped, the other horses didnt dare follow suit, Was this the end? You wondered, you blacked out. You could here the crackling of fire, Am i in Hades? You thought, slowly opening your eyes you see
i see what *excited*
6. Colin staring at you absent mindedly "Where are we" you say breaking his trance, "the woods" he said with his semi deep voice any lady would melt over, "But we jumped over a cliff, how are we still alive" you asked "We landed on a ledge" he said with his short answers "Oh" is what you manage to say, you were really getting annoyed with his silence
Well Colin your voice melted mmy heart
i dont like him
7. you wanted to ask more questions about all this, you were really upset, seeing the upset in your eyes Colin spoke up "Pardon me if i may say, I have never seen a lady who snores like you" he said smiling, wow his smile was to die for, with his perfect teeth, you blush deep crimson "I do not snore!" you shout quietly, he was laughing now "Yes you do, you almost made Splinter run away" he said pointing to his horse, "I absolutely do not snore" you say
Do i actually snore quizmaker(me: he was just teasing u, isnt it cute)
i snore like a warthog
snore? me? never *secretly snores*
8. There was awkward silence again, why does he keep quiet you wondered "How come you stay silent" you speak without thinking, he stares at you "Another thing i've never seen a lady who asks so many questions" "I consider myself not a lady" you say walking towars him, he also starts walking towards you
am i gonna slap him
^*see question above* why would i slap my future husband
what happens
9. "So your not a lady"Colin says, "No" you managed to say, "Then might I ask, what are you LADY______" he asks teasingly, before you knew it you were face to face with him, his beautiful grey eyes put you into a trance, he pulled you closer and closer by your waist, and he started kissing you passionately, you broke off to the sound of breaking twigs "Show thy self" Colin say sheathing you from the direction of the sound when........ CLIFFHANGER
Finally i kissed Colin
the other guys were not here
hurry up with the next one
10. Apologies for being late with this quiz, i rushed it i know, but i cant help it when i really want to show this to you guys please give me ideas
i'll give you ideas
you are forgiven
hurry up with part 3 or you'll face the wrath of my ninja turtles(me: ok ok, *buys panda for protection*
11. And sorry if it was short, that was the onnly perfect cliffhanger i had, anyway Huge question should i give the guys accnets those medieval accents like irish, scottish, british etc.... If then who should have what accent
accents what an awestruck idea(me: awstruck is my phrase)
yay accents
there shouldn't be accents
12. Sorry again for taking forever, Please comment because without the comments there's no way i'll be making this series, and take my other series Never From Ordinary
i shall comment for thee
Never From Ordinary is Awstruck

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