~Love In The Middle Ages~ part 2

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Wolfygirl said:
Jan 7 '12, 11:15AM

Your quiz is super cool!

Bluebird said:
Dec 9 '11, 4:10PM

Please please please make part 3! I love this series and you just have to continue!

nonchalontly said:
Dec 3 '11, 4:10PM

i like both of your quizzes and yess please hurry making them

sundaisy said:
Dec 3 '11, 12:30PM

please make part 3 soon

SparklyScarlett said:
Dec 3 '11, 11:21AM

Accents yay!!! I think Collin should have an Irish accent:) Or Scottish. Whatever works with your vision:D

_ViolaLover_ said:
Dec 3 '11, 8:26AM

great job on this quiz! Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!

AiFiahK3mE said:
Dec 3 '11, 7:04AM

Yes, yes, accents please! I'd like James to have a scottish or irish accent ;) And PLEASE don't let it be one of the other guys! If it is, then they saw Colin kissing me! And then I'll have to use that old excuse "It's not what it looks like"...

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