Would you defeat Gaea if it was your mission?

Please be honest as if you lie you woun't get the real score so you'll never know the truth,which would be a disaster!You will find out whether you can defeat Gaea.

By the way please rate this quiz,thank you.This will help me work out what I can do better next time.By the way,a hint for the test(Percy Jackson is the most powerful of them all). Have fun!

Created by: Vijay
  1. If have to choose 1 character who would it be?
  2. You are told to choose a champanion, Coach Hedge offers, do you say yes or no?
  3. The Argo II is finished,you set of on your journey(or wait for it if you are on the roman side)do you go to Camp Jupitor or start your mission already?
  4. You pace across the deck of the Argo II.Suddenly, a giant squid appears ,you...
  5. Leo,Hazel and Frank are pulled underwater.Do you ...
  6. Annabeth and Percy fall into Taratus, Nico tells you Percy told him to meet on the other side of the doors of death do you...
  7. That's done,now some logic questions.(1)Riptide (2) Katoptris?
  8. (1)Apollo (2) Poseidon?
  9. Would you face(1)Kronos(2)Gaea
  10. To save the world would you(1)sacrifice someone(2)sacrifice yourself
  11. Face the warth of(1)Zeus(2)Hera

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Quiz topic: Would you defeat Gaea if it was my mission?