Would you be friends with Me?

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Hi I dont have friends so take this quiz to find out if you can be my new friend. Ima just put gibberish here so the character counter lets me pass djfjejdcnsnrnebsj

Here too jdhriwjcidirieiwkrndncjdkdodiakwoeoeogicndnsnenrnrnejdjcudie84iw8ieh÷*÷&4€×8"8@*×4?=*×,×*"*@82£4;#;@;÷=;=&×€÷jej4irciebrhrnrbeufudirbdbwhhdje

Created by: Jayson
  1. Aight first question are you a boy or are you a girl
  2. Whats you favorite color?
  3. Ya like Cats?
  4. Do you like sonic
  5. Do you like any of these things?: mario, kirby, sonic.exe and its countless clones, invader zim, space
  6. Do you like fnf? (Friday night funkin)
  7. Alright, if you're a anti Furry its about time you hop off this quiz. Do you like furries, or are you a furry?
  8. Check out the creator of this quiz on Twitter (user: Jayson (real epic) @jayson562iscool)
  9. Would you pet me
  10. Do you support Palestine
  11. Would you date me
  12. Last few questions now. Are you a Zoophile?
  13. Are you a pedo?
  14. How many scoops of peanut butter does it take to make an elephant
  15. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  16. Bye (please follow me on Twitter my only followers are s*x bots

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