Would you be able to take care of a pet?

Good evening. Once again this is cuteboy123 back with yet another f---inggg quiz for you all to take. Please remember this is serious. Please be 100% if u can be honest on thsi quiz for accurate results.

Wksnskwlakaksmwksndwuaiizjqjuqii Owwwyqiy yes I did that I have no clue 🕵️‍♂️ what do it mean 😪 yeah I just did lol 😆 I was like 👍 yeah I don’t want ww bananas 🍌 but I’m woqoqoqo

Created by: cuteboy123

  1. What’s your gender?
  2. What’s your age?
  3. What’s your favorite animal?
  4. Are you an aggressive person?
  5. If your pet was s---ting as f---; what would you do
  6. If your pet was aggressive to you; how do you handle that situation?
  7. Almost done
  8. Why does it have to be 10?!
  9. Ugh 2 more
  10. Bye

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