Would we date? (I'm bi but don't mind other things <3)

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idk what to write here but i hope you guys enjoy this!!! hiihihihihihihihihihihihihihiihi i love yalls <3It wants me to write a ton of stuffs :((((((((((

Womp Womp womp like i dont really know like what to write her so yeah hehehehhe lol i dont know anymroe-I might be insane-Someone send help :) rawr sparkle sparkle hehe~

Created by: Skye
  1. Do you like haunted stuff?
  2. What is your Aesthetic? (I'm a rainbow goth person :> )
  3. Do you like to do Art?
  4. Do you believe in equality?(Are you a feminist? Are you anti-rasist, anti-sexist, anti-facist, and do you support the lgbtqia+ community?)
  5. What kind of dates would we go on?
  6. Which one do you want more?
  7. How would you handle my shi- (Mental health and other mental issues?)
  8. Would you tell me if something was wrong?
  9. What is your affection type?
  10. What's your age?
  11. Do you like animal's?
  12. Are you funny?
  13. Do you like Anime?
  14. Are you a
  15. What describes you?
  16. Goodbye Fellow peoples <3

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