Would me and you make a good couple ( just for fun chill )

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So i was bored then was looking for ideas for a quiz and yeah this popped, anyway lets just see how well both of us would go together and yeah, stay chill

Oh and also remember this is fun , dont think im a creep or anything jeez just chill and have fun i say this cuz some people take things so seroisly all the time so yeah stay chill

Created by: Falco
  1. Fist of which one
  2. How would you describe yourself
  3. What gender do you think i am?
  4. Would you mind someone whos very busy?
  5. If i sent you a cringy text how would you reply
  6. If i told you i like anime how would you reply
  7. Its cold
  8. ( this qjestion is for a girl only not males ) ( unless you want to do whatever you want ) if i held you round your waist how woukd you react
  9. Which one of these languages would you like to learn
  10. Sarada vs fāstofūdo? ( salad vs fast food )
  11. Im a boy
  12. Age?
  13. I really like the number 13

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