Would a Slytherin boy date you?

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First of all this quiz doesn't descriminate people that are sorted into different houses than Slytherin, everyone got his chance. I would recommend you to answer the questions properly to get a proper result.

If you've always been curious if a Slytherin boy (Blaise or Draco) would date you, then this quiz is perfect for you. I hope you will enjoy this quiz and I hope that it will help you out somehow.

Created by: Hi I'm Claire
  1. To start this off, in which house were you sorted? (it is not because you are not sorted into Slytherin that you have no chances)
  2. What do you of pure-blood family lines?
  3. Do you like the Malfoys?
  4. Would you join the Death eaters for one of them?
  5. If you had to chose one, who would it be ?
  6. Where would you most likely spend time with him?
  7. Now , imagine having to fight in the Great Battle of Hogwarts, what would you do?
  8. Which school of witchcraft and wizardry would you like to attempt?
  9. What do you mostly fear?
  10. And lastly, what would you like to be known as in the Wizarding World even after your Death?

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