Wings of Fire Book 1

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This quiz will see how well you know Wings of Fire. From Who Clay's mother is, to Queen Scarlet's death, you will see how well you know wings of fire, and put that knowledge to the test!

Wings of fire book 1 is a book that introduces Clay and his friends. Throughout the series, different dragonets star in each of their books. Tsunami meets her mother, Glory becomes queen, Starflight gets kidnapped by the NightWings, and Sunny gets sold off to Burn and gets Smolder as a friend.

Created by: Meher Kulkarni
  1. Who are the dragonets' guardians?
  2. Who (Or what) is the first thing Clay meets when he is outside the underground cave?
  3. Who is Clay's mother?
  4. Who is the first nice dragon Clay meets outside of the mountain?
  5. What is the prophecy called?
  6. In the epilouge, how is Kestrel killed?
  7. What happens to Queen Scarlet?
  8. Who comes with Clay to meet his family?
  9. Who is the first victim of Glory's venom?
  10. What is Clay to his brothers and sisters?
  11. Who dies in the battle beside the river?

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