Will you Survive the Corona Virus

This will help you understand how to protect your self. You can feel less scared when you know what you are to expect. So take this seriously and many tips will be presented.

Are you ready to see your future of how you will do in the Pandemic of the Corona Virus. Good luck and have fun.Ps: Some questions Might not be related to the Quiz.:)

Created by: Riley

  1. How often do you wash your hands ???
  2. Do you fear the word Corona Virus ???
  3. If you need medications. Do you have them ??
  4. Ready to see your answers ???
  5. But wait are you really ready??
  6. Lets get to where we thank you??
  7. But are proud that you are staying clean??
  8. Did you like this quiz???
  9. How much do you know about the corona virus.
  10. Are you ready???

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive the Corona Virus