Will you pass 4th grade?

FROM THE CREATOR OF: What is your spirit animal, LunarNight brings you a quiz on physics and learning, to determine if you can pass 4th grade! FOR 4th GRADERS AND UNDER ONLY.

Hello, made it here! I'm LunarNight, I'm in fifth grade, and I passed 4th grade with an above average score. I BRING TO YOU THIS QUIZ! JAZZ HANDS! JAZZ HANDS!

Created by: LunarNightTheDragonwolf

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  1. What is 100 x 10?
  2. What is 12 x 12 x 1?
  3. How do you spell (kor-rect)?
  4. (Hard questions) 44 + 100 - 6 + 6 - 9?
  5. What do you do, when you are bullied?
  6. Hanna lies to the teacher she is a bully and hates me
  7. Correct Yohan's mistake: 4 + 4 = 8 x (1 + 2) = 24 = (24 + 1)
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  10. Rate me. 1 - 5

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Quiz topic: Will I pass 4th grade?