Will we be a good friends?

Hey girls! This quiz will determine we will be friend or not, compare to our interest and stereotype. I also had a youtube channel, and I hope you guys had one too. Thank you for spend your time taking this quiz.

SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! HERE'S THE LINK : [no urls]?v=8271VyqTCREOk so Let's move on to the quiz. Remember, I'm not going to make any friends from this quiz.

Created by: Crazygirl1024g
  1. Yo girls!
  2. What's your favorite genre? I mean, in music.
  3. Let's hangout at....
  4. The teacher said we could pick a sport for PE!
  5. Girls, let's join a school club!
  6. It's Friday night, girls! Let's ...
  7. Let's throw a party and invite all of our friends! It is a ...
  8. What's your favorite swear words?
  9. What's your favorite out of these?
  10. See ya later!

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