Will Raiden Marry You? (MGS)

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This is a quiz for girls who are into Raiden (aka Jack) as much as I am. Feel free to take it. I mean, that IS why I made it... For you to take it. Anyway, take the quiz!

Raiden himself will be giving you this quiz, so make sure you answer truthfully to him. Remember: Don't ruin your chance to be with him. Oh, and smile! I think he'll take you much better if you do! :D

Created by: Clara Ford

  1. Are you a clingy person?
  2. What do you like to do?
  3. What would you want on our first date?
  4. Where would you want to live?
  5. Would you want children?
  6. What would you call me?
  7. I want to tell you something: I'm a cold-blooded mercenary. Are you okay?
  8. I have something else to tell you: I'm mostly a cyborg. Is that alright?
  9. Now I want to know if you can cook.
  10. What do you want out of this relationship?
  11. Be honest: Do you love me?
  12. Finally, do YOU think we'd make a good match?

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