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well i want to see how it turns out this is a preview hope its good want to be a writer someday i will take any comment whether good or bad byyyyye thank you

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Created by: Kristen

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  1. So its 8th grade second semester. Well you realize that you have double P.e. Which you real wanted.For the whole day your were excited to go to P.e. .When the time finally comes you go to P.e. with your friend Lily, while you guys are headed to the locker room you see this real tall guy and to other guys.The tall guy seems to get your attention, you finally get a good look at his face and realize he looks like Christopher Drew, who you think is real cute.When your in the locker room, you get dressed in a hurry to go see, if he is in your class.When you get to your seat you realize the guy is no where in your class.That's when you see your friend Emily talking to him, when she is done talking to him "Hey your in this class now?" "Ugh..." "Whats wrong?" That's when she sees you starring at the him, "Oh so I see you took notice in Jeff" You start blushing "Am I that obvious?" "No I was kind of playing around" "Omg I'm so dumb,so what grade is he in?" "10th" "Wow no chance" "I don't know about that" "Hey Emily promise you won't say anything" "Yeah sure". So after when you everyone get dismiss to go play some sports your keeping and eye on Jeff but you notice he hasn't even given you a single glance you feel kind of heart broken but you distract your self by watching a baseball game that your class was playing.At the end of the period, you get dressed to go to lunch you felt so excited to tell your best friend Alice about Jeff even though you didn't real have anything to say.Right before the bell rings to go to lunch, your friends Amber and Jay come up to you "Hey" Amber says "Hey" you say,"Emily told us about Jeff" "What!" "Wait she hasn't told anyone but us" "Oh" you say feeling better, but still she shouldn't had said anything without your permission "So we decided to dare you to tell him you like him" Are you going to do it?
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