Who's Your Vampire Boyfriend (Pt 2)

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Hi there, it's Birchie~! Have you done my quiz "Who's Your Vampire Boyfriend"? If not, I really recommend you do it before this one because this is part 2!

Of course, it doesn't actually impact anything so if you like the Mukami's better than the Sakamaki's, then you can just do this one. Your choice! Anyways, enjoy!

Created by: birchiewoof
  1. Hi there! If you haven't done part 1 yet, I recommend you do it now because I won't be repeating very many of the questions in part 2.
  2. I'm gonna get all the repeats out of the way first, so what's your favorite color?
  3. Surprisingly, the Mukami's have some good traits among them! Which of the following traits would you want in a guy?
  4. Sadly, the Mukami's also have their fair share of not-so-good traits...pick from the following...
  5. What's your ideal body type?
  6. What's your gender?
  7. Now on to the new questions! Are you okay with getting your hands dirty (figuratively or literally)?
  8. How in tune with nature do you believe yourself to be?
  9. Do you like cute things?
  10. Do you like to give people nicknames?
  11. If you did part 1, who did you get?
  12. (Just Imagine) You're at the zoo looking at the elephants when suddenly there's a noise behind you, you turn around to see a tiger running towards you. It must have escaped from it's enclosure! What do you do?
  13. (Just imagine part 2) Before you can do anything, someone throws a net over the tiger. It thrashes around but the man manages to get it restrained using an injected sedative. The man walks over to you and you notice an employee tag on his shirt. He offers to give you a refund on your money and let you stay at the zoo for free as compensation for the scare. What do you say?
  14. That'll be all for this quiz! How did you like it? Was it better or worse than part 1? I personally think the Mukami's are better than the Sakamaki's because they actually care about one another, where as the Sakamaki's hate each other.
  15. I'm only one question away from 15, sooo...do you have Wattpad? I know I already asked this last time but I'm asking again. My username on Wattpad is 'Birchiewoof' and I'm friggin obsessed with reading yandere x reader books.

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