Who is your warrior cat boyfriend?

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Hey,people wanting a warrior cat boyfriend here is a quiz that is for you! in this quiz you are playing as a she-cat named Bronzeclaw A yellow and brown she-cat cool right?

She is pretty cool if you ask me! ha ha ha! so funny I found bat fur on the internet! and acorn kit along with pear kit well basiclly everyone he he he....

Created by: Brilee Floyd

  1. You are in a cave with acorn kit your cousin you see a figure standing at the doorway you ask who he is he smiles and runs, you follow him you catch up with him while you are holding acorn kit you make him fall down and you ask who he is he says he is batfur what do you say?
  2. He says he is from the same clan as you and he was looking for plyroite. and he says he has no family and he is alone what do you do?
  3. Whatever you chose he followed you to your home and said " what were you doing?" and you say " I was looking for my sister pear kit" and he scoots closer to you and says "I like this place being here with you" what do you say?
  4. Batfur says " I found pear kit!" "where" you ask "up there!" he says you say " come down pear kit!" she says "NO!" what do you do?
  5. whatever you chose it worked! she is down! yay but batfur starts to leave the tent you say " Wait batfur!" what do you do when you run to him?
  6. Whatever you chose he kissed you! and know you see him every day! night and day!! hooray but one day he got on his hind legs and asked " will you marry me?"
  7. And today is the day of the wedding!!!! you are getting ready and bat fur already sees you! what do you do?
  8. It is now a year after you are married you have a pain you go to the docter with batfur and the docter says " you are pregnent what do you do?
  9. It is the day you have your baby! you are at the hospital having it now!! and the baby is born! batfur comes in! he asks " what do you want to name her?" what do you say?
  10. It is now a year since your baby birth and she is doing fine know after this question it will be time to decide what your boyfriend is! batfur asks" Would you like to go to the lake?" what do you say?
  11. It is the end you and bat fur kiss the end How did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Who is my warrior cat boyfriend?