who is your hogwarts Boyfriend/Girlfriend???

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today we will be learning... NEVERMIND THAT! lets find out who your boy or girlfriend is! first whip out your wand (mine is cherry wood with phoenix feather) and say FLIPENDO!

Me: Expelliarmus! Flipendo!My Friend Evelyn: HEY! Me: *trying hard not to laugh* come on we are late to Herbology. Evelyn: race ya there!Me: she is gonna lose points...

Created by: StrangerSpirit11 of My Skindex Page Here!
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  1. would you rather sit with...
  2. what house are u in?
  3. witch (hehe get it witch?) family are you first introduced to?
  4. don't kill me for this question *hides behind ron*Pick a color.
  5. do u like Harry Potter?
  6. pick a last name
  7. if you were a character in harry potter would you be...
  8. pick a first name (does not change any thing)
  9. what animal would you take with you to hogwarts?
  10. if you set up a house band what would it be called?

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Quiz topic: Who is my hogwarts Boyfriend/Girlfriend???